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Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer Announces Pedestrian Hit and Run Legal Services This Winter


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- When a pedestrian gets hit by a car and the driver of the car ignores it, justice needs to be served. Traffic laws permit vehicles to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks at all times. When this regulation is violated, pedestrians sometimes become injured due vehicle impact. When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, the victim is left with little to no other options of receiving financial help. This winter, hit and run victims of Philadelphia can consult with the attorneys of Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer, to handle their injury case.

No matter what the pedestrian hit and run situation is, the law firm's attorneys can help their clients gain compensation for their injuries. Injury victims should seek compensation so that they can obtain the financial assistance they need to go about their daily life in a positive manner. The attorneys negotiate with insurance companies, protect the rights of their clients, and assist with handling paperwork.

Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer has won numerous pedestrian hit and run cases that were awarded settlements. Some of their pedestrian hit and run cases include situations where the victim was struck while crossing the street or walking through parking lots. The firm also assists their clients with obtaining financial benefits for their injuries that are available in Pennsylvania, such as the Assigned Claims Plan. Hit and run victims can rely on the personal injury attorneys of Philadelphia at Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer to fight for their rights.

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