Mark Cook Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a New Book on Raising Livestock

This Kickstarter Project will help fund the publication of a training manual on how to use livestock to improve and rebuild the environment.


Sioux Falls, SD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- As an admirer of nature and a long-time advocate of intelligent environmentalism, Mark has cultivated a broad base of knowledge that has led him to develop a training manual on how to use livestock to improve and rebuild the environment.

There are 88 million head of cattle in the USA. Now, imagine if we could use them as a tool to rebuild the environment. That is a powerful resource to use. Most people think livestock are destructive to the environment. It's not the livestock that are the problem but the management of the livestock.

That's because ranching is a low income business which forces cattlemen to eke out a living any way they can to survive. With no other choice, ranchers need to cut corners to save money which unfortunately leads to damage to the environment. A rancher himself, Mark has put together a working set of methods that can help cattlemen increase their profits while running their ranches in environmentally friendly way that is as sustainable as it is profitable. Past and present research has lead to better methods but too often this information is not getting out to the public.

Marc seeks to change all that through his Kickstarter project to publish a book outlining multiple methods of raising livestock in a way that is profitable, sustainable, and environmentally sound. Up until now Mark has been holding seminars on this topic regularly but has found he's reaching small audiences and wishes to reach a much larger audience far faster to the benefit of everyone.

That's where his new book on ranching comes in. At a far lower cost and with far greater reach, a book will allow him to get the information to more people. This book will deliver photographs and diagrams illustrating the methods with real-life success stories to that prove the concepts can and do deliver results.

Seeking no profit for himself, his crowdfunding goal is $5,500 which will enable him to edit and publish his book for sale on Amazon, eBay and his own website. All proceeds from the sale of this book will fund his continuing outreach efforts. Marc also plans to donate copies to libraries everywhere to make the information available without cost.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on January 27, 2015.

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About Mark Cook
Mark has always been environmentally conscious having spent a lot of time hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains. It was there where learned to appreciate the biodiversity and beauty of nature. He likes taking pictures of the plants and animals on his land as he documents the environmental changes taking place as a result of his environmental efforts. He's an advocate of green energy and currently uses solar electric and heating to minimize his own carbon footprint. Future plans include installing a wind generator in the summer of 2015. Mark is a rancher in north-central South Dakota and holds a bachelors degree from the University of Washington in mathematics.