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Fellowship Church Announces Live Sermons at Grapevine Church in Dallas, Texas

Fellowship Church’s founding pastor Ed Young has announced a series of live sermons to take place at Grapevine Church in Dallas Texas throughout 2015, bringing his charismatic style to the people.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- Ed Young is a pastor, author of fourteen books including New York Times Best Seller Sexperiment, and a successful conference speaker noted for his creative communication style. The pastor has a passion for making complex theological debates into simple truisms, helping people understand these values and apply them to their everyday lives. The pastor has a huge online following and is much in demand around the country, but has committed to lead a series of sermons at the Grapevine church in his native Dallas, Texas.

Ed Young, Fellowship Church Pastor of Grapevine Texas, has expanded his church to include nine satellite locations around the US and in the UK, but is still committing much of his time to his native land, where he has lived with his wife and four children for thirty years.

The sermons led by the pastor will tackle some of the biggest issues facing people of faith today, tackling crises and providing loving, moderate and active solutions that can help people resolve their love of the Lord with the 21st century and its rapidly evolving values. Pastor Ed Young will lead the sermons drawing on his experience from speaking at Christian conferences around the world.

A spokesperson for the Fellowship Church explained, "The Grapevine Church in Dallas is hugely excited to be receiving Pastor Ed Young and his unique style and approach to charismatic Christianity, which we feel has the ability to enliven and reinvigorate people of faith and help them assert their values in their lives in a forward thinking, practical and thoroughly modern way. The Pastor has written many amazing books and spoken at countless conferences, so he brings with him an unparalleled wealth of life experience and theological expertise to provide unique insights to our congregations."

About The Fellowship Church
Ed Young is the founding and Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church. In addition to the main campus in Grapevine, Fellowship Church operates nine more satellite campuses in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, one in Miami, FL, and a location in London, England. Ed Young can also be seen each week at Fellowship Church's online location.

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