Stormbolt from Apollo Audio Lab Is the Superman of Earphones


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- Apollo Audio Lab, a new professional audio team dedicated to handcraft wonderful portable audio gears had recently launched a new series of earphones named as "The Bolt Series".

Being an innovative inspired company, this collection makes good on their commitment to offer the latest technological innovations and designs to all music lovers. One of the favourite models that caught most attentions is named "Stormbolt" which the earphone is milled from solid stainless steel blocks.

An earphone entirely made of stainless steel certainly scream strengths and toughness. The 2 other models in the same series are namely Woodbolt (made from rosewood) and firebolt (made from solid copper).

In the age of globalisation, most manufacturers produced cheap looking plastic earphones or chrome sprayed plastic pieces attempting to create a falsely represented luxury looking earphones. Apollo audio lab defies the tradition of factory made OEM products; they designed , hand-crafted and machined every earphone they produced from solid block of metal – Stainless steel, Copper , Aluminium, exotic rosewood. In the world of audiophiles where music lovers crave for audio perfection, the company ensures every earphones were elaborately manufactured, assembled by the team themselves within the audio lab.

In addition to the complex and time-consuming manufacturing efforts invested, the company confidently ensured each of them delivers superb audio performance that will shock and awe music lovers.

According to the company founder, the 3 different types of earphone casing (stainless steel, copper and wood) were tuned to have different sound signatures and audio characteristics. Stormbolt – which is made of stainless steel is designed to have the best bass audio performance among the series. Firebolt – copper case earphones, beside from its fanciful name, possessed excellent tonal control and balanced audio reproduction. Finally, woodbolt, which is lusted by exotic rosewood lovers, offers the audio experience of a orchestral-like auditorium performance.

The bolt series earphones are not just eye candies or luxurious looking earphones, what makes this collection impressively unique is the adoption of several cutting edge technologies developed by Apollo Audio Lab's such as motion air vent technology, vibration ring control and dual diaphragm speaker. All of these ensure the final product had excellent audio fidelity accuracies and superb audio performance.

Each set of earphones does comes with awesome accessories such as a a shock resistant military styled case, 6 pairs of silicon earbuds, an instruction card and a stainless steel warranty card.

All these earphones and other headphones models are now available for sale over at their official company website

The actual earphones photos looks amazingly beautiful and they retail for USD $455 for each model. The company offers free shipping worldwide for all orders and they come with lifetime limited warranty.

About Apollo Audio Lab
At Apollo Audio Lab, they take pride in designing and creating extraordinary audio products.