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Conflict Free Diamond Engagement Ring Makes a True Statement

Jewelry leader adopts and promotes ethical sourcing


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- Diamond, the most coveted stone in the world is indeed a stone of desire. However, it is not always naturally and ethically sourced, the way it should be. To enhance its commercial value and make profit out of its sale, jewelry makers often resort to unethical sourcing and superficial enhancing which not only hurts the credibility of the market as a whole but, also results in supply of the stone from countries that use harsh labor measures.

To put an end to this unfortunate reality, Bashford Jewelry has introduced conflict free diamond engagement ring which adorns the most beautiful stone only sourced from violence free countries and manufactured using environmental friendly techniques.

In July 2000, the diamond industry created the Kimberley Process Certification System to eradicate conflict diamonds on the market. The system was adopted in 2003 and ensured that no conflict diamond will be able to enter the diamond supply chain. The industry also created a System of Warranties to make sure that the consumers and jewelry sellers get their diamonds from ethical sources.

Bashford Jewelry takes this sentiment to the next level by ensuring their diamonds are sourced ethically and that they are bought to life only using methods that support the environment and are less energy consuming. Overall, their efforts are being recognized, appreciated and supported by the jewelry community and customers as sales of conflict free diamond engagement ring are about to get a boost.

Mining diamonds which is a tedious affair often requires intense labor hours which results in exploitation of labor in many countries where the stone is sourced from. The cost of the stone is kept at an optimal commercial value often ignoring the needs of the labor that has worked hard to source these diamonds.

Bashford Jewelry believes in giving customers the best value but, not at the expense of the needs of people involved in the mining. Instead, the company uses old school enhancement techniques to maintain competitive costs in the diamond market.

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