Learn How to Increase Your Chance of Success in Fighting Obesity


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- "One key reason why many overweight patients gave up their slimming program is because healthy food is harder to find. But with the help of the right blender, meal preparation can be made so much simpler," says Stephanie. Being a heavy blender user herself, Stephanie has relied on her blender to make anything from hummus to smoothies. After successfully losing 50 pounds in 6 months, Stephanie hopes to share her story and the secret recipes that she had crafted during her journey. By launcher her MermaidDiaries.Com blog, she seeks to spread her knowledge and hopes more overweight individuals will succeed with their weight loss program.

A year ago, Stephanie was finding her health to be deteriorating and her obesity is really taking much of life's goodness away from her. After talking to her physician, she was determined to get back in shapes and 6 months was the time she set for herself. "Honestly, getting started was the hardest part. Finding healthy food that is edible is not that easy", says Stephanie.

"I knew that if I want to succeed, I have to learn how to create good food for myself," added Stephanie. With little cooking experience and little time to learn, Stephanie learnt that getting a good blender is probably the best way to get started. After that, the rest is history. It turned out that her blender is the most important arsenal that she had in her fight against her obesity.

"Not all blenders are created equal. Smoothies, soup and hummus are essential part of my daily diets. And these food are easily prepared when you have the right set of tool." says Stephanie.

Today, Stephanie has become a source of inspiration among many of her friends. Stephanie is always passionate to share experience with anyone who wish to get back their shape. "Being able to make delicious and yet healthy food is important if you want to succeed. And for such an important matter, you cannot rely on anyone else but yourself," says Stephanie.

One mistake that many first-time blender users often make is to choose a blender based on its upfront investment cost. Many tend to ignore the health benefit they get to enjoy and the lifetime of these blenders. High quality kitchen appliances is never cheap but they usually last much longer than the cheaper alternatives. In addition, the quality of ones blender will determine the quality of smoothies and meals made out of it.

"I believe with the right determination, shedding 50 pounds in 6 months can be accomplished by anyone. But the first step is to stop giving excuses and rely on no one but yourself," says Stephanie. Through her recently launched blog, Stephanie seeks to share some of her life-changing experience. Readers to her blog will be able to find easily digestable reviews and comprehensive discussions of the latest blending machines that are available in the market.

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MermaidDiaries.Com is a blog dedicated to provide easy to understand guide when it comes to smoothies making and picking the right blender. As a blender advocate who learned from her own life-changing experience about the importance of having the right blender, Stephanie shares her experiences for anyone who is interested to learn about the art of smoothie making and for anyone who is interested to find the ultimate blender for their needs.

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