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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- The Arm Workouts App is an app exclusively designed for individuals who want to have fab arms and biceps. There is no need to join the gym or spend money on extra equipment or hire a personal trainer. It's all there in the app that offers excellent workouts such as Biceps Curls, Push Ups, Triceps Push Ups, Wide Arm Push Ups, L.E.T.W, Floor Swimming, Arm Circles, Wrist Squeezers and many more. Users can simply choose a workout from the existing workouts or create their own workout to concentrate on a particular area of the biceps. There is no need to depend on a personal trainer at the gym for guidance or help. The app comes with an exclusive personal trainer who is readily available anytime the users want to exercise.

This personal trainer will guide users through each and every arm workout or exercise. The features of the app are: 12 ready to start Arm workouts; 3 sets of exercises sorted according to the difficulty which can be followed by both amateurs and pros according to their comfort level; over 100 arm exercises to choose from which can be combined together as per the workout requirements of the user and also combined for creating a personalized workout that can be followed regularly; helpful, interactive and instructional videos that offer the simplest yet the most effective arm exercises available today without any need for equipment.

All the workout videos present in this app are guided by a qualified and experienced personal trainer. And hence they can be followed without any apprehensions. There are various exercises to choose from simple to difficult depending upon the personal workout targets or goals. There are over 60 targeted exercises readily available in this app along with video instructions. So, those who are using the app for the first time need not worry about doing it without the help of a trainer. The app is now available on iTunes for quick download.

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About Arm Workouts App
Arm Workouts App by Xhavit Mustafa, Appinova is a workout app exclusively available for iPhones. The App comes with some highly effective and targeted arm exercises that help individual get those perfect arms or biceps. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes store.