Annie Fox, Parent Educator and Teen Advisor, to Be Interviewed About "Girl Drama" on VoiceAmerica.com

Girl drama can crush a girl’s social confidence and self-esteem. Now more than ever, in our digital age, communication and conflict resolution skills are essential to social survival. Annie Fox has been advising teens and educating parents since 1997. She will be interviewed on January 8th on Child Psych Central by show host and Clinical Child Psychologist, Dr. Beth Onufrak.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- Annie Fox M.Ed. is an internationally respected and award-winning author, blogger, media developer, parent educator and teen advisor. In this upcoming interview, she will advise parents how to guide girls through friendship challenges - elementary through high school - and teach them to be good people in the process.

Fox says,"When 21st-century kids experience peer conflicts, online and off, they typically respond with a level of social aggression (aka verbal violence) that damages individuals in profound ways and pollutes school climates everywhere." She is dedicated to helping adults who live and work with kids to actively teach them to be good people. "Otherwise, their moral compasses will be calibrated solely by their equally clueless peers," she explains.

Annie educates kids about "peer approval addiction" which leaves many girls unwilling to tell even a close friend her truest feelings. As Annie says, "When things aren't going well in a friendship, silence does not make things better. Silence usually makes things stay the same or actually make things worse!" She advocates and teaches straightforward assertiveness with honesty and respect, followed by open-minded listening to what one's peer has to say in response.

Annie's books include The Girls Q&A Book on Friendship: 50 ways to Fix a Friendship Without the DRAMA and Teaching Kids to Be Good People: Progressive Parenting for the 21st Century. In addition to her own blog at AnnieFox.com, her popular parenting articles can be read at HuffingtonPost.com and SocialMoms.com.

Child Psych Central: Discover the KidBrain is a new program on the VoiceAmerica.com Health & Wellness Channel. The show explains and demystifies child mental health issues in young children. From diagnoses to discipline, from family relationships to challenges of millennial life, Child Psych Central arms parents with preventive, accessible information for the critical early years.

The host Dr. Beth Onufrak is a practicing clinical child psychologist in Phoenix, Arizona. She authors the blog A Child in Mind. A respected clinician and parent educator of more than 20 years, Dr. Onufrak is also an acclaimed speaker and transformative workshop presenter. Known for her accessible style, she helps adults interpret children's needs, decode behavior, and respond with compassionate competence that builds healthy brains.

The Annie Fox interview will air Thursday January 8th, 2015 at 1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific on the VoiceAmerica.com Health & Wellness channel. Listeners will learn ways to support and strengthen their girls' communication skills - for today and for every future relationship of their lives.

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