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UC Advantage, Inc. Now Offering Analysis Services for the Voluntary Contribution Election of Payroll Tax Reduction


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- With the tax season fast approaching, employers across the country are expected to submit their payroll taxes. In twenty-six states across the country, a payroll tax option called a Voluntary Contribution is available that allows employers to buy down the rate. This opportunity allows businesses to save a substantial amount of money on their payroll taxes. The employment consultation firm, UC Advantage, Inc., currently offers financial advice to help companies determine how much they can save with a Voluntary Contribution and if it is right for them.

Employers can hire UC Advantage, Inc., to conduct the extensive financial analysis needed to determine if a Voluntary Contribution will also be of any benefit. In certain states where a transfer of experience is offered, a buy down tax rate can be favorable when it comes to an employer's assets. Employers who want to reduce their rate and save money should consider the payroll tax option available to them. The payroll tax buy down calculations provided by the firm's tax advisors embraces multiple scenarios and is tailored specifically to clientele based on business activities.

Recently, UC Advantage, Inc. performed an analysis on one of their clients in Kansas for the Voluntary Contribution and found that their buy down tax rate was $2,496.00. Their estimates presented that the employer will save an excess of $63,000 in 2015, which is a valuable return on investment for the company. UC Advantage, Inc. invites employers nationwide to consult with their experts to determine if a Voluntary Contribution works in their favor. In addition, the company also provides services for unemployment claims, charge auditing, and wage verification.

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