Motorcycle Visor Experts VisorShop Says Helmets Improve Survival by 29%

VisorShop, who is a popular online supermarket for motorcycle products including visors, would like to send the message out to motorcycle riders how important buying a good quality helmet is.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- An online motorcycle supermarket that has become the consumer's choice for Motorcycle Visors, would like to make it clear how important a good quality motorcycle helmet and visor are for road safety. According to VisorShop, a helmet should be a motorcycle rider's best friend.

A good quality motorcycle helmet can help protect riders against serious risk of injury. According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcycle rider wearing a helmet will have a 29 percent improved chance of surviving an accident than those not wearing one.

It is not just the helmet that motorcycle riders must choose carefully according to VisorShop. Motorcycle Visors are an important part of a helmet's makeup for on the road and track riding. When out riding it is important to be able to see clearly in all weathers, from stormy weather to hot sunny days. That is why VisorShop sells good quality helmets and visors at affordable prices, to keep the motorcycle rider safe know matter what road service they are riding on.

A spokesman for VisorShop said:
"Riders must take safety equipment more seriously. By buying good quality equipment, they are helping to improve their safety while out on the road."

Although it is common sense to wear a helmet, only 19 states have universal motorcycle helmet laws. In the UK it is illegal to ride a motorcycle anywhere without wearing a helmet. In 2013, only 60 percent of riders in America used a helmet while out riding, which shows the safety message is not being heard, and lives are being lost.

Visorshop would like all motorcycle riders in America, the UK and around the world to understand how important it is to wear good quality safety equipment, including helmets, motorcycle visors, and clothing. By wearing a good quality helmet and using a motorcycle visor that enables the rider to see clearly, it can make all the difference with their safety on the road.

VisorShop sells a whole range of helmets, motorcycle visors, clothing and other accessories at affordable prices. With their reputation for selling quality equipment at low prices, they have become the motorcycle rider's choice for safety equipment and accessories. VisorShop specialize in Motorcycle Visors, and as such they are the company to visit for help, advice, and affordable quality visors.

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