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Dispensations in Time: Ground-Breaking New Book Unlocks Mysteries of 'Spiritual Time'; Empowering Readers to Redeem Their Past & Embrace the Future

Meticulously researched and compiled by Patience Dean, ‘Dispensations In Time (Unlocking the Mysteries of Spiritual Time and Kiaros Navigation for Apostolic Application’ will help any Christian quash the over-riding constraint to their vision. Like God, every reader will discover that they are not bound nor restricted by time, opening the floodgates to a boundless adventure in life both spiritually and naturally. Anyone looking to live the life of their dreams is urged to join the revolution without delay…


Newport News, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- "Spiritual Time" is a phrase that has been knocking around religious and theology circles for decades, but few really understand this enigmatic phenomenon. However, for the first time, a grassroots explanation of Spiritual Time and its application is being shared with the world through a powerful and game-changing new book.

'Dispensations In Time (Unlocking the Mysteries of Spiritual Time and Kiaros Navigation for Apostolic Application', by Patience Dean, exposes the origin of time and for the first time how to use this knowledge of spiritual relativity to access change. When understood, any reader can embrace its principles for a radical and prosperous new life.


What if you knew all of the enemy's devices and understood that the only real power is the Power of God. Everything else is nothing more than elemental mastery and the twisting of God's laws! We have the Power of the Creator of Heaven and Earth! They have been stripped! We also have the ability to navigate in realms where time itself does not exist...Christians, we are already light years ahead of the enemy...learn how to use this to live the life of your dreams and in warfare!

"The bottom line is that a full understanding of Spiritual Time affords anyone the opportunity to redeem their past, rid themselves of regrets and change their life to whatever they want it to be. This understanding is the 'missing link' that has been plaguing society for generations," explains Dean.

Continuing, "But now we have the answers, and this book is my attempt to make its tough theory accessible and easy to digest by anyone. The initial response has been overwhelming."

Praise has flooded in from coast to coast. Charlie B. Ammons, Senior Pastor of Restoration Christian Church Virginia, gave a glowing review in his foreword.

He writes, "Time has been described as one of the chief constraints to vision. Many feel either behind the times, waiting for their time to come or even more disparaging out of time. This is commonly referred to as the law of regret. Time has a way of instilling fear and pressure that many in the body of Christ have yet to understand. In this book "Dispensations in Time" this dynamic author has been granted the spiritual privilege to delve into the mysteries of God and has penned her findings in a unique way that closes the gap between spiritual time (kairos) and natural time (chronos) bringing the reader into a deeper revelation of the "Fullness of Time!" Patience Dean prepares the readers to navigate the laws of time and ascend above the light line so that they will be totally empowered to overcome every period of darkness in their lives. I encourage everyone who wants to understand how to reverse the curses (laws of time) that has worked against you and is now re ady to walk in your season of fullness to read this book. You will quickly discover that "Restoration is Now!"

'Dispensations In Time (Unlocking the Mysteries of Spiritual Time and Kiaros Navigation for Apostolic Application' is available now: http://amzn.to/1GUczBm

For more information and news of the author's upcoming releases, visit her official website: http://www.patiencedean.info

About Patience Dean
Born in Monrovia, Liberia (West Africa) in 1984, Patience Dean came to the United States at the age of ten. She was raised partially in Des Moines, Iowa and Chesterfield Virginia. Prior to founding her Publication and Broadcast Studios, she has a rich legacy as an Entrepreneur. She has lead several companies providing services such as Business Consulting, Graphic Design, Branding, Website Design, Event Planning and Fundraising. After years of using her gift as a Visionary to help others bring their dreams to fruition, the Lord began to shift her out of business and into a platform for Ministry.

In 2004, life took a turn for the worse, when all of her businesses went bankrupt. Within a span of several months, the young lady found herself sleeping in her car. One night while sitting in her car, wondering how life could have lead to such a place, she began to cry out to God. The Lord reminded her of past circumstances like when a witch had tried to kill her and He had protected her. Then He went on to tell her that she was blessed with his wisdom and this would cause her to be as wealthy as Solomon. He then, lead her on a path to Virginia State University.

During college, she got saved and joined a Campus Ministry. By 2006, she was doing Open Air Preaching. Her unique Theological Insight, Understanding of Spiritual Things and Practical Biblical Instruction began to change lives. In 2007 she founded Divine Nature Apostolic Ministries. The Ministry provided services to the homeless. Since, DNA Ministries has undertaken the endeavor of supporting an orphanage in India. The Ministry's first annual Crusade is scheduled for June 22, 2015 in Hyderabad India.

This Woman of God is skilled at breaking down weighty Godly Revelation into Practical Life Application. A gifted Visionary and Insightful Theologian; coupled with her Strong Prophetic gift and Spiritual Wisdom, Patience Dean is an Embassador-At-Large to the Body of Christ and to the World. Through Business and Ministry, her Life's Work has been to help people See through the lense of Vision and maximize their Venture. She is skilled at helping people Birth their Dreams and Anointed to push them into their Purpose and Destinies.