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Medication Isn't Always the Answer: U.S. Mom Releases Practical New Guide to Raising Successful, Happy & Well-Adjusted Children with ADHD

Karen Murphy’s “The Complete Practical Guide to Raising Your ADD Child to Success ... By a Mom Who's Done it! Steller Success in School, at Home, in Life” is one of the first definitive guides for parents looking to stop ADHD from defining their children and prepare them for a life of success. Murphy’s own daughter, Tena, was diagnosed with the condition at age nine – and after a hugely-successful upbringing recently started college. Murphy is now compiling her family’s stories, wisdom and even anecdotes to prove that triumphing over ADHD to live a life of success doesn’t always mean relying on medication.


Dallas, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- While Karen Murphy acknowledged that Tena was a happy and healthy young child, she knew something wasn't quite right. Tena was unable to maintain her attention on a task, follow simple instructions, or decipher jokes and sarcasm as well as her peers. After months of heartache and working diligently with Tena to no avail, Murphy brought her in for testing and Tena was diagnosed as one of the five-million U.S. children with ADHD.

While it was a hard pill to swallow, Murphy refused to put her daughter on medication as was recommended by the psychologist. Instead, focusing on hands-on upbringing with careful attention to each of Tena's symptoms and struggles, Murphy raised a gifted young girl who has recently started college. But this success story is rare in present-day society; rare enough for Murphy to write a compelling and potentially life-changing guide to raising children with ADHD to success.

Synopsis of '"he Complete Practical Guide to Raising Your ADD Child to Success ... By a Mom Who's Done it! Steller Success in School, at Home, in Life":

This amazing book by a mom who raised a child with ADHD will show you, in simple practical ways, how to raise your ADHD child to be successful in all areas of life. Whether your child is of the hyperactive, inattentive or combination type, this book is for you! The author shares her successes, failures, mistakes and victories in a way that is relatable to every parent that has one of these awesome kids. Does your child suffer from any of these - problems with academics, impromptu tantrums, getting in trouble at school, inability to finish a task you've asked him or her to do, few or no friends? This is heartbreaking and difficult for you and your child, but there are solutions. Written in easy to understand "layman's" language, you will receive step by step help in working with your child's school, helping with homework, nurturing special gifts, instilling self- confidence, improving social skills and more. Plus 10 surprising "Key" concepts embedded throughout the book that you must know to be the most effective parent you can be!

"Millions of parents default to medication when their children are diagnosed with ADHD and, while it treats the predominant symptoms, it ultimately holds children back through aggressive side-effects," explains Murphy. "What these parents need is practical advice and hope; a blueprint for raising their children to be well-adjusted, socially accepted and successful without needing to rely on medicine. This is why I wrote the book."

Continuing, "I can attest to the fact that it is extremely difficult for parents as they try to help their children but often with little or no success. I'm asking parents to take a deep breath and treat symptoms of ADHD through practical parenting and by tackling each new challenge logically. Everything in my book is explained in layman's terms with no medical jargon. There was a time when Tena having a bright future seemed impossible; but now she's blossomed into a beautiful and intelligent young girl who is studying and competing with mainstream students. Your child can do the same."

Murphy believes that there is something for every family within her book.

"The stories and advice are insightful, funny, adaptable and even at times maddening or shocking. My over-riding goal was to produce a volume that can be used for strains of ADHD across the spectrum, showing the grassroots reality of the condition yet also showcasing a totally different and practical approach to treating it. The book also has immense value for the professional, psychotherapy and even education arenas," she adds.

"The Complete Practical Guide to Raising Your ADD Child to Success ... By a Mom Who's Done it! Steller Success in School, at Home, in Life" is available now: http://bit.ly/1Kcjp85

About Karen Murphy
Karen was born in 1960 in Royal Oak, Michigan and graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She and her husband have two daughters, one of whom they adopted from Latvia at age 11. Karen home schools her youngest child and also works as business partner with her husband, a chiropractor in the Atlanta area.

Karen has been successful in raising her own child to overcome the obstacles of ADHD. She has offered advice and support to many others in similar situations, and eventually Karen received the inspiration to write a book on the subject. It seemed to her the most efficient way to share her wisdom and experience with as many people as possible around the globe.

Karen lives in Dallas, Georgia with Scott, her husband of 22 years, and their two teenage daughters.