Carrie Carlino and Team Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Introduce Vikaura Screen

Vikaura will allow users to drive images and information out of their Smartphones without any wires. The funding budget for this project is $125,000.


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- Smartphone users often feel that at times, their images, reminders, ideas, information, or designs are too big for the limited confines of their phones. Vikaura Screens has been designed to help them drive things from their phones to their world. The unique capabilities of Vikaura Screens can be attributed to its patented power management systems, app "linking" functionality, E Ink bi-stable display technology, and Bluetooth communication.

In combination with its E Ink bi-stable display, Vikaura's unique power management system eliminates the need to plug in Vikaura. Thousands of updates can be accommodated by Vikaura Screens before a battery replacement is required, offering complete freedom of placement to users.

Working in tandem with a multi-function iOS or Android app, Vikaura Screens allows users to
- Directly drive content to their Vikaura Screens from their phone.
- Subscribe to feeds to automatically receive information such as news, weather, daily calendar, etc. on their Vikaura Screens.
- Create a network of friends and allow them to drive content to the screens.

App linking capability is one of the key features of Vikaura. This is the feature that allows users to create a network of friends and drive content from their phones. Any app linked Smartphone is able to receive data from the linked users and automatically push them to their Vikaura Screens. Most importantly, this takes place while the Smartphone is locked. As a result, new images appear automatically on Vikaura Screens that are linked. Prior to sending, senders can also add text or zoom/rotate the images.

The development of Vikaura Screens has almost been completed. The prototypes have also been built, tested, and refined. Now, Carrie Carlino and team need funding assistance to complete their remaining tasks. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched recently to raise $125,000 for the completion of this project. This campaign will end on February 3, 2015.

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About Vikaura
Vikaura is a team of innovative individuals and engineers that are frustrated with the constant need to recharge or change batteries in consumer products. They are making it their mission to launch new, ground-breaking products that last more than a year without the need to be recharged or have the batteries replaced.