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Carl Mitchell to Create His Debut CD and Tries to Raise Money for Funding His Plan via Indiegogo


Saint Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Carl Mitchell is planning to create his debut CD and is trying to raise money for funding his long planned debut via Indiegogo. Mitchell is a native of St. Louisan and has been a song writer for a very long time now. This made him decide on planning to make his debut CD but first, funds are required to make his goal possible.

Given that Mitchell is already a musician and has been writing songs for a very long time now, he has made up his mind to pursue his plans in getting a debut CD created, produced and distributed. Currently, he has released a song via Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes titled "Raptures of the Deep"

Carl Mitchell has already written many songs and all that is left now is raising the funds to produce the CD completely. The 10k that he is trying to raise via Indiegogo will be used for purchasing the recording equipment, several instruments, copyrighting the songs, paying for the distribution actually producing a number of CDs and also in creating demos to send to music companies. For supporters who will be giving funds for the project, Mitchell will be giving supporters who donate at least 25 dollars free CD downloads. The free downloads will also come with extra songs as soon as everything is completed.

Through the announcement of the campaign that Mitchell has created in Indiegogo, people will be aware of an up and coming artist that they can support. The songs that Mitchell has written are all promising and are definitely worth supporting especially by people who are trying to find new talents in the music industry.

Carl Mitchell started the campaign on 12/26/2014 and it will run until 2/24/2014. Currently, his recently released song titled "Raptures of the Deep" is playing on several college and internet radio stations and the genre is in rock/pop. This will increase the awareness of people when it comes to what new artist to support this year under Indiegogo.

To get more information about the campaign of Mr. Mitchell under Indiegogo, feel free to visit and get to see all necessary information in detail there. For those interested in listening to the first single he has released, go to and look for his post there.

Contact: Carl Mitchell
Address: 5611 Beldon Drive
Tel.: 314-296-7297