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Watercolor Artist Features Painting 'The Old French Mill' Tribute to History of French Mills


Bellevue, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Watercolor artist, Valerie Garner showcases work titled  'The Old French Mill' as a tribute to the many charming old mills that were part of France's history.

Many of these old mills are still standing today, some being several hundred years old. These mills were built using an English architectural style in an era when France was occupied by the English army.

The main purpose of these mills was to grind wheat in order to make flour to feed the English military occupying France.  To some people, they are a symbol of oppression. Others view them simply as the technology of the day for commercially milling grains.

Many of the mills were built near river banks in order to use water power to run the mill, and had water wheels to do so. After the foreign invasion, water mills remained to grind wheat and for bread making quarters for the French. Some today are in complete ruins, while still others stand cracked with age, yet possessing a beautiful quality.

Today there are quite a few mills for sale in France, just waiting for a buyer to restore it back to a former glory. Old French mills still inspire folks with the unique architectural qualities, and unique role in history the mills provided.

Artist Garner utilizes several layers of watercolor glazes and washes on this painting of a French Mill. It is coupled with dry on wet, and wet on wet painting techniques to get the amazing effects displayed. This painting has a combination of bright and soft shades of colors. The original painting is sealed with a UV protectant.

Garner is quoted as saying, "I love the quiet and quaint thoughts these French mills inspire. They seem to draw a person in, inviting one to explore and remember simpler times".

People who are interested in this and other paintings, created by Valerie Garner, can visit her website at

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