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New Company, Buskins Leggings, Launches Successful Affiliate Program


Lake Elsinore, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- The fashion industry has received a much-needed company. Introducing, Buskins Leggings. After launching the company on December 1st 2015, Buskins has surpassed all expectations. Especially those first set by industry leaders. One of the biggest factors that has lead to the great success of this startup is their affiliate program in which they launched with the start of the company on December 1st this past year.

Today marks the 40th day since they launched. With that being said, they now have nearly 4,000 affiliates. One may ask, how did they do it? It's quite simple actually. Unlike most affiliate programs, Buskins structured theirs as a tiered program. This means that any affiliates who recruit other affiliates to sign up under them will receive a commission of that affiliates sales. Each affiliate selling Buskins Leggings earns 25% commission of the sales they send to the site. On top of that, they also earn $5 for each affiliate they sign up under them while still earning 5% of that affiliate earnings. Thus giving affiliates more incentive to go out and recruit faster.

So how much product do they actually sell? They currently stock nearly 150 different pairs of leggings ranging form wild patterns to simple solid colors. As of today, the company has not been able to keep even half of those styles in stock. It is estimated that the company is selling 1,000 – 1,500 pairs per day.

Other fashion and clothing companies should take note at how effective a well-structured business launch like Buskins can aid in rapid growth and earnings. The fact that their affiliate program has skyrocketed really goes to show that any new company can succeed.

About strives to provide consumers with most affordable leggings and extremely fashionable leggings. The company is your one stop shop if you are looking to Buskins Leggings. With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, it is no surprise as to why they have become the world's foremost leggings supplier.

Contact Information:
Name: Joshua P
Phone: (219) 267-1932
Address: 505 Lookout St.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530