Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for New Health Supplement That Can Help Improve Health


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- A campaign has been launched to help with the manufacturing of a new revolutionary ol-Scienta health supplement that will help people find a new and effective way to prevent diseases and live longer.

The mission of Sol-Scienta is to raise awareness worldwide that diseases can be prevented with the help of a revolutionary Health Supplement, which formula has been discovered by the company's specialists. The new supplement is on its way, waiting for funds and donations that will support the good health cause.

The new Sol-Scienta Health Supplement has scientifically proven health benefits that help patients feel the difference right away. Their stamina and endurance will increase while they will feel the wholesome effect on their physical condition, mood and energy levels. The supplement will support faster recovery and will remove any muscle cramps by the end of the first week of use.

Among the top benefits of getting this life-changing supplement daily are:

- Healthier and longer life with stronger immune system that helps people deal effectively with daily stress

- Prevention of European leading cause of death that is heart diseases

- Diabetes prevention and cancer formation decrease

- No need of caffeine to boost the energy, while enhancing both productivity and memory and gaining a higher IQ

- The body becomes more flexible and stronger, burning more fats and calories

- Improves sleep and sex life, preventing erectile dysfunction and several other diseases, starting from a simple cold to cancer, diabetes, and hearth diseases

- Effective jet lag and hangover treatment

- Hair loss prevention

- Body and mind upgrade to new levels people wouldn't believe possible

People can now help Sol-Scienta raise awareness about this diseases prevention solution by joining their campaign and sharing the news in the social media sites. Their contribution can save people's lives. Donations will help the company to lower the costs and make the health supplement more affordable for everyone, even for people with tight budgets.

Supporters will get special rewards for each donation, starting with 5 euro.

There are also two competitions which are being launched with one prize value worth €30,000 which includes a Tomorrowland VIP Mansion & Tickets for 5 days during the best music festival in the world. It is happening in Belgium on the 23th-27 of July 2015. The fantastic DreamVille experience ensures that the winner can stay in a magical atmosphere. The lucky 5 winners will be announced where each winner can invite 1 friend. The next prize is a space trip with a value of €200.000, a competition that has already got many people excited. These competitions are being launched on the 12th January 2015.

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About Sol-Scienta
Sol-Scienta is an independent manufacturer that has developed a unique formula for disease prevention. Their goal is to distribute this health supplement at the most affordable price so that everyone could take advantage of it. To fulfill this goal, the company hopes to find supporters, who would donate making the price of the supplement lower.