Oblivion Personal Products Publishes Two New Looks at Famed Hitachi Magic Wand

Fascinating history of one of the industry's most popular devices will enthrall readers, and in-depth companion post on its features and uses provides useful, practical information, Oblivion reports


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- Oblivion Personal Products, a top retailer of intimate massage tools, romantic toys, and other adult accessories, announced the publication at the company's site of a pair of articles focusing on a particularly significant product. The two new guides detail the history and features of the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the longest-running and best known hand-held massage vibrators of all. In addition to being a leading online retail source for a wide variety of adult-oriented items, Oblivion Personal Products also offers up a vast selection of high-quality informational and educational content, and the newly published articles are a product of this continuing project.

"For nearly fifty years, the Hitachi Magic Wand has been one of the top names in the industry," Oblivion Personal Products representative Angelina London said, "and we felt it was time to give this legendary item its proper due. Readers will be enlightened and entertained as they learn about its fascinating, controversial history and the features that make it one of the most consistently popular choices all these years later."

When Japanese manufacturer Hitachi introduced the Magic Wand in 1968, it was entirely unprepared for the reception that would follow. Feminist icon Betty Dodson provided an unexpected marketing boost of monumental proportions by pointing out to readers the ways in which the device could enhance the sexual pleasures of women, both on their own and when used with partners.

In the newly receptive environment of the late 1960s, Dodson's advice was eagerly embraced, with the Hitachi Magic Wand quickly becoming an icon of the sexual revolution and a fresher, more confident, new style of feminism. Having intended the product for massage purposes of more conventional sorts, Hitachi seemed unprepared for this reception, displaying a conflicted response to the Magic Wand's inarguably impressive sales figures.

The new articles just published by Oblivion Personal Products explore the many facets of this unique device in depth, detailing the hitachi magic wand medical device cultural icon status and also how hitachi-vibrators can help enhance your sexual experience today. The new articles further Oblivion Personal Products' value as an online destination for those looking for sex-positive, interesting, empowering reading and will also help the company's customers make more informed and satisfying decisions regarding their purchases.

Oblivion stocks a wide range of products like the Hitachi Magic Wand and other favorites, as well as furniture designed to facilitate and enhance lovemaking, personal lubricants, and related items. The company offers discreet shipping and reliable, customer-focused service through an arrangement with leading online retailer Amazon.com. Oblivion also regularly publishes fresh, fascinating content like the just-released new pair of articles focusing on the Hitachi Magic Wand, making it an especially dependable source for such reading.

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