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Review Shopify Publishes Step by Step Guide to Setting Up an Online Store Using Popular Ecommerce Software

Review Shopify has published a new guide that helps people investigate Shopify and see how best to take advantage of its features to quickly and easily start up their own online store or business.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- Shopify was founded in 2004 by Canadian entrepreneurs and as its name suggests, was designed as an e-commerce tool that would allow people to 'shopify' their websites and easily create and manage online stores without the need for large scale infrastructure and web customer service teams. The software platform now enables over a hundred thousand of the best ecommerce sites to sell over $5 billion in merchandise, leading to an increasing number of people wanting to use the software to grow their business. Review Shopify has just published an editorial explaining how to make the best of the software in no time at all and with no technical expertise.

The guide is written based on in-depth Shopify reviews, and utilises easy to read plain English and provides a step by step walkthrough of signing up, optimizing, advertising and more. The guide even discusses how to develop and maintain customers to make them return purchasers and where to find expert support for advanced queries.

The new article is designed to help those who are impressed by Spotify's potential to maximize that same potential for their own ends, without getting caught or bogged down in the details. The site even has a special section on driving targeted visitors to an established store to focus on ROI.

A spokesperson for Review Shopify explained, "Shopify packages begin at less than thirty dollars a month, and so it represents a small investment for people to give their entrepreneurial venture the best chance of success. However, simply setting up the store means nothing if no one can find it, meaning advertising is actually mostly responsible for success. That's why as well as providing a guide to setting up the store so that it generates leads, maximizes buy rates and incorporates best business practices we also have a detailed section on advertising. This new article helps people cover step one so the fundamentals are in place for a business to grow exponentially."

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