Creating a Highly Engaging and Interactive Video Content: Videorank.Guru Shares 2015's Latest Video Marketing Trends That Will Communicate Brands to Consumers Effectively

Marketers have to readily adapt and learn about the changes in trends when it comes to video marketing to fully utilize the power of video in communicating the brands to consumers and the brands alike more efficiently.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- To fully realize the complete potential of video in content and internet marketing, it takes a lot of learning and adapting to new trends. That using a video marketing strategy to grab the short attention span of many Millennials as the audience's habit shifts, expectations grows and technology evolves; this would greatly affect how video should be created to produce a more meaningful content that will ensure greater conversion.

In attempts to create a strong video that will reach a variety of target markets and engage audiences with the brands, video marketing is said to be one of the most powerful tool in conveying information to educate consumers or to raise awareness – if it is done right. A compelling video that is done meticulously is a reflection of the brand. And making a video just to get the job done will take the brand nowhere and would only create a bad review and a shattered reputation.

According to Cisco, video will be responsible for the '69% consumer traffic by 2017' and online videos will be the key means to satisfy people craving for fresh and relevant information and entertainment needs. Failure of brands to provide videos with contents that will give value to the consumer's needs would certainly achieved great losses with their internet marketing strategies and video marketing as well.

From the great innovations on numerous gadgets that many possess nowadays, it's time for marketers think ahead to make their videos naturally engaging and easy to digest by looking through the following video marketing trends that is set to change marketing strategies in 2015. These are:

Making videos mobile-friendly: Latest features of mobile devices enables user to view videos whenever and wherever they want. It was noted that 20% of video views were watched from mobile devices, particularly tablets. And in a recent eMarketer study, approximately '77% of all tablet users' watch video programming monthly which is expected 'to grow more in 2018 by 87%'.

Adopting Marketing Automation: This software and tactics that will allow brands to buy and sell will foster target audiences with high quality and useful contents that will aid in converting audiences into consumers to a loyal customer. This has been one of the best investments that will provide brands a sustainable, excellent return. And in this year, numerous marketers' see marketing automation and video content a match made in heaven. Marketing automation that is integrated with video will make collecting and organizing lead and engagement data to qualify leads. Gathering and understanding the difference between mass views and target audience views will surely be eased up with this software-integrated video.

Increasing Focus on target market: Brands will realize that distribution strategy in the mass market will be remotely compared to target market in which guiding target consumers in distribution strategy is more likely to convert consumers to a loyal customer.

Premium Digital Video Content Programming: With the rapid growth of digital content, it is expected for the coming years that digital-first premium video will dominate the Web as well as HDTVs for its high quality content that is 'meant for the web and is intended for audiences that are comfortable with the web'. This has become increasingly rampant as many households started to ditch their cable connection in exchange for online services. And with this kind of fashion, ad companies will tend to move their brands away from TV ads, production budgets and ad buys.

Interactive video conversion driver: The US was noted to have been watching more online video with an increase of 43% compared to last year. Yet, the percentage of viewers who watched the video completely is low, which could result to poor engagement with the brand and low conversion rate. And making the video more interactive, multidirectional, even personalized and highly engaging for this year is what most marketers are aiming for to communicate with audiences and exhibit the ROI to the execs.

Truly, marketers have to readily adapt and learn about the changes in trends when it comes to video marketing to fully utilize the power of video in communicating the brands to consumers and the brands alike more efficiently.

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