Qweyboard App Prevents Iphone Users from Touching Wrong Keys

The QWeyboard revolutionary algorithm doesn’t stop learning and learns very quickly.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- QWeyboard is a specially designed app that helps people prevent touching wrong keys while typing on their iPhones. It contains an intelligent algorithm that prevents errors and decides the word probability, correcting it. This app is more reliable than other similar apps, as it combines 2 keys, while users type the same key number.

Since the iPhone keys are very small and hard to press accurately, many people find it annoying to write messages full of errors. The challenge is even bigger, if the iPhone users have to write in another language, such as German, French or Russian, as these languages have extra letters and keys. The small spaces the keys take make them inconvenient for touching, especially while using them during transit.

QWeyboard app is created to provide an effective solution to this problem and help customers conveniently use their iPhone keyboard while messaging others without errors. The App combines two keys instead of three of more and the letters are in a regular sequence that the users are accustomed to.

For example, the English alphabet contains 26 letters, while QWeyboard offers 13 keys to touch, not changing the size of the keyboard the users have used before. This deigns ensures that each key has double more space and is far more convenient compared to the default keyboard.

The prediction algorithm of the app has a dictionary that learns as people type. If the specific word is still not in the dictionary, the app allows people to type clearly all letters using the regular device keyboard style. The QWeyboard learning mode is recommended to be used in the beginning for a few hours.

The support by QWeyboard languages so far are English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, and Azeri. The space for the key on the keyboard for languages with extra letters is less, compared to the English keyboard.

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About Maksim Piriyev
Maksim Piriyev is an experienced software developer, whose goal is to create apps that could be conveniently used by all users around the globe. Apart from Qweyboard, created for mobile devices, he has also developed EliTheTyper, an auto-complete/suggest app for desktops.