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Single for the First Time: Bold & Frank New Book Exposes the Risky Business of Being a "Kept Woman" and Provides a Guide to Life AfTer Death of Co-Dependent Marriages

Written from the heart by Nhat Crawford, ‘Single For The First Time: Over 40, Under Divorce’ tells the shocking yet all-too-common story of the au-thor’s seemingly inescapable despair after the transition from kept woman to divorcee. Crawford thought the high-status life she and her husband built was idyllic, until the marriage was over and she was left to stand on her own two feet after nearly thirty years of marriage. She is now offering fellow women guidance, encouragement, hope and enlightenment so that the end of their long-term marriage doesn’t have to mark the end of their prosperity or happiness.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- There's no way to sugarcoat it; millions of women are resigned to poverty, depression and spiritual disillusionment after grey divorce from co-dependent marriages. Nhat Crawford appreciated her life as a kept woman but, after her husband ended the union and left Crawford standing alone for the first time ever, all she once was had gone out with the lime-light.

Thankfully, and unlike so many women, Crawford continues to emerge victorious. In her compelling, and potentially life-changing new book, she shares her own story with a bold self-help-style guide to a burgeoning life when a long marriage suddenly comes to an end.

Synopsis of 'Single For The First Time: Over 40, Under Divorce':

Single for the First Time is an invaluable key that will enlighten the reader to what the imperative first steps are after the death of a long-term marriage. Using examples from personal experience and those of others, as well as from personal revelation, the author exposes the wounds of the mind, person and spirit, of a woman in the prime of life, experiencing divorce — a wound spawned from being plucked from co-dependency without any preparation at all. It has been proven repeatedly that when a woman has been "kept" in a marriage by a spouse to whom she has given power over her life, that woman cripples her own economic, social, spiritual and emotional development and maturity. No man wants a dependent partner. No mature woman should lean on someone else for quality of life because that arrangement doesn't always end well. Now that it has ended, what's next? Nhat Crawford offers keen insight in a thorough and candid fashion into an area too often overlooked. This book is bound to become the go-to resource for mature women seeking to gain solid footing after the shakeup of divorce.

"I quickly realized and accepted that the devastating post-divorce situation I was in was my own fault for allowing myself to become a kept woman in the first place; being kept suddenly wasn't the blessing or privilege I had been convinced that it was supposed to be," explains Crawford. "My husband and I were entrenched in church ministry and operated a business for years until one day he literally told me to go home. I'd spent years trying to believe people who had told me anyone would be envious of my money, ability to not work and the freedom that comes with that kind of life. Several male friends in ministry also told me it was rebellion to want to work when my husband was such a money making machine, a powerful man in our city."

Continuing, "But remaining doting and obedient was my ultimate downfall, and suddenly there was nobody to help me. I turned to reading dozens of books in a futile effort to keep my life on track. This book is the volume I wish I'd been given; using my own story and proven wisdom to guide any woman not only through grey divorce, but through the battles that ensue in grey singleness after a life of having little financial responsibility."

Crawford hopes that all women will embrace her message.

"This isn't just a book for the divorced wives of CEOs, Clerics or those with more money than sense; but a book for every woman who has allowed her identity to become glossed over through co-dependency that locked her into the wrong type of marriage. It's time to 'cut' the blame and take positive action against one's former belief system, and my book is the starting block," she adds. '

Single For The First Time: Over 40, Under Divorce', from WestBowPress, is available now: http://amzn.to/14gsWui and http://www.nhatsbooks.com

About Nhat Crawford
Nhat Crawford became single after twenty-seven years of marriage, ministry, and business. She is a writer, researcher, and author, in Atlanta, GA and has ghostwritten and edited more than thirty books, and has authored two other books entitled Love, Braid Us Three (2005) and Black Coffee One Sugar (pending publication for 2015).