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CRUSH Threats to Success! Revolutionary New Book Urges Entrepreneurs to "Action Past Your Devil's Advocate"; Providing Game-Changing Inspiration for Creating Bold Succes

Masterfully crafted by K. Abernathy (“Kimbe”), ‘Can You Action Past Your Devil's Advocate?’ in Print, eBook, and author narrated Audio, empowers new and existing entrepreneurs to shun their naysayers, rise up to their challenges and create their own success story with zest. Fusing her own wisdom with that of notable iconic successful leaders, Kimbe’ equips those committed to their success with every weapon they need to fight for their dreams and dismantle their Devil’s Advocate …. Every time!.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- There was a time when Kimbe' was used to disallowance, as people overlooked or misunderstood her abundant talents and urged her to stick with the status quo. But Kimbe' wanted more and, quite frankly, didn't care for the play-it-safers who were slowing down her success. After adopting an unstoppable new action-oriented approach inspired by some of history's greatest leaders, Kimbe' finally began to customize her own success story and has since lived effectively both as an entrepreneur and victor as an "ordinary member of society".

Having met and coached thousands of industry professionals, Kimbe' became acutely aware of the toxic lack of action that prevents the unfortunate majority from customizing their own success story. Quashing this stagnancy isn't easy but, in a ground-breaking new book, Kimbe' helps anyone "wanting more" grasp it – quicker and more easily than they ever thought possible.

As the name suggests, 'Can You Action Past Your Devil's Advocate?' is about placing action over words. It's a raw reminder that nobody should base their success on others, to stop comparing in an equating way, knowing your plan is your plan, that your story is your story, that your success is your success. In the introduction Kimbe quotes Maya Angelou "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it" and that everyone has the ability to create opportunities that turn their passions and skills into rewards, ultimately creating their very own success story.


Are you an existing, new, or upcoming entrepreneur? Do you have business goals? This book is an easy-to-read, relaxed, understand body of work. A great book to assist in expounding one's vision to put all into action through twelve elaborated tips on what it takes to move forward. An undeniable source of motivation bursting with inspiration for the entrepreneurial mind. If you can get through this book, you can get through business conquering your goals no matter how big or small. From the desk of an average member of society, "Can You Action Past Your Devil's Advocate?"

Jam-packed with success tips, famous quotes, profiles of iconic successful leaders, mentors and main takeaways. Let's get this body of work read so we can move on to excellence, creating our own success stories!

"The bottom line is that true success only comes to those who are not only willing to fight for their life and their dreams, but have the ACTION to actually do it," explains Kimbe'. "When I eventually realized that my education and skills was not going to get me anywhere alone, I flipped my mindset, started actively creating my own opportunities."

Continuing, "This book isn't a blueprint, because success isn't a paint-by-numbers exercise. However, it does sit on the opposite shoulder of the readers' Devil's advocate, diminishes the Devils Advocate and allows the individual to turn their talents into tangible rewards for the first time, second time, and every time in their life according to their goals, and according to their success story."

While the book is jam-packed with life-changing empowerment, Kimbe' admits that entrepreneurship isn't for everyone.

"Not every business owner is an entrepreneur and, equally, not every entrepreneur will be a good business owner. We are all good at different passageways; also a reality is that some people would rather vocalize about their future success than actually being willing to do everything to create it. Thankfully though, there are millions of people out there who would take the leaps they require, but are being held back by others and more than anything held back by their own doubts debilitating the will to win. This is their book; a holistic guide to crushing threats to their success and emerging victorious," she adds.

'Can You Action Past Your Devil's Advocate?'
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About K. Abernathy
K. Abernathy better known as Kimbe`, Kentucky native, now California saturated since the 90's. Kimbe` an entrepreneur, business owner, director, educator, and deal sealer, currently serving as CEO of a small personal appearance company and Director of youth programs sponsored by regional school districts.

Kimbe's professional career spans more than a decade in the kosmeticos industry inclusive of business such as proprietorship, customer service, marketing promotions, and management positions for both public and venture-backed companies.

Kimbe' has contributed several beginner/intermediate/ advanced classes to private post-secondary schools in the Bay Area of California and Establishments throughout the nation. Kimbe has deep passion for entrepreneurism and her specialized industry past the currency. She volunteers her time to youth groups, teen expos, and awareness events through her expertise of Technical Glam & Customer Service. Always creating innovative ways to utilize her career to be able to inspire others more and more to create their success stories!