J Branden Khan Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for the JB Flat Screen TV Stand

First-ever telescopic TV stand adjusts to any optimal viewing height and can hold flat TV screens as larger as 65”.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Every family room, living room or den has familiar furnishings; a couch or comfortable chair, a coffee table, maybe a couple of lamps and always – a flat screen TV. Entrepreneur J Branden Khan firmly believes a TV belongs on a TV stand not a wall or coffee table. That's because he feels walls were made for paintings, not technology.

His vision inspired him to design the first-of-its kind TV stand for flat screen TVs. The JB Flat Screen TV Stand's purpose is simple: to make entertainment at home and the office much more enjoyable and comfortable. Its sleek and modern design compliments any room with a flat screen without any need to risk wall damage when trying to mount a flat screen TV to a wall. Mr. Khan's unique TV stand easily accommodates any TV size from 27 to 65 inches.

Apart from avoiding the hassle of drilling holes in walls and trying to hide wires when mounting a flat screen to a wall, the bigger benefit is how TVs can be easily adjusted to accommodate different viewing angles. Someone sitting back on a recliner can easily adjust their TV to give them the best view possible with similar simplicity in boosting the height of the TV giving sports fans or movie mavens a panoramic theater-like experience.

Crowdfunding is sought to start manufacturing of the product based on the prototype already designed. Mr. Khan has sourced a manufacturer and wishes to begin production as quickly as possible to fill standing purchase orders. Mr. Khan and his team are confident their unique TV stand will be a runaway success in the marketplace and a successful crowdfunding campaign will provide the proof of concept needed. Particularly impressive is their firm intention to manufacture the flat screen TV stand in the United States creating American jobs and promoting growth of the US economy which is something everyone should be proud of.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on February 8, 2015.

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About J Branden Khan
Mr. Khan has over 22 years in business experience as a real estate developer and a Fortune 500 executive. He likes to find solutions to problems which is what inspired him to create his flat TV stand. He lives in his hometown of Chicago and has a philosophy of giving through promoting a proud "Made in America" mindset to create American jobs. In his spare time he enjoys tracking financial markets and keeping a close eye on international news.