Sponsortag Announce the Launch of New Features for Publishers and Advertisers has a renovated and updated website to make merchant and publisher-directed advertising more accessible. The new features add to the helpful components, which already are in place.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Sponsortag, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of some new features for advertisers and publishers. The company, who are always looking for ways to bring the best experience for advertisers and publishers, has also renovated the user's dashboard. A new and easy-to-use UI is installed making the entire interaction more user-friendly. There are several helpful features which have been added to the website. The new features are helpful to anyone looking for better and more cost efficient methods to advertise a business.

New features, which are helpful to advertisers, include the ability to purchase contextual, mobile and display type advertising. These ads are available in standard IAB ad sizes. They also offer Rich Media, IAB rising stars and MRAID advertising for mobile devices. Making the website, more user-friendly has been the goal of the changes implemented by Sponsortag, LLC.

Those, who are looking for additional ways to reach their target audiences, can define that audience using filters such as demographics, geographic, profiles behavior and frequency capping. Sponsortag has changed their statistical reports to provide detailed analytics regarding publisher earnings and advertiser's campaigns. Publishers also have the benefit of passback tags.

Finding ways to reach target audiences without being overwhelmed by the cost of advertising is easier with the self-serve and brand-safe sponsored solutions for advertising. The use of targeted advertising enables companies to narrowly define the ads to those, which are most likely to attract the attention of the niche audience. The use of powerful ad-serving and detailed tracking reports enables the company to reach the potential buyers at the lowest possible cost for advertising.

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