Uncle Buck Payday Loans LLP

Uncle Buck Payday Loans Announces Short-Term Online Lending Options for UK Consumers

UncleBuck.tv launches payday loans for qualified candidates with 24/7 customer service and simple application requirements.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2015 -- It is not unusual for consumers to need to borrow money to make ends meet from time to time. Household bills and pending invoices may be due in advance of a paycheck or expected payment. The need for additional finances can also be to cope with an emergency situation or urgent expenditure that will not wait. It is at this time that financial advisers often recommend what is known as a "payday loan" to make ends meet for a short period.

Meeting the loan requirements of these consumers is Uncle Buck Payday Loans LLP and their short term paycheck loan program. A spokesperson for Uncle Buck Payday Loans explains their trustworthy reputation, "We have become one of the leading UK payday loan companies in recent years. This is because our team strives to work with consumers to solve their short-term financial dilemmas. Our team members are trained to thoroughly assess each application we receive and remind potential customers that they should only borrow amounts of money they will later be able to easily repay."

The Uncle Buck Payday Loan spokesperson states, "UK consumers know that they can trust us. This company is regulated and has been authorized by the FCA or Financial Conduct Authority. As such, our entire organization is dedicated to following the national 'Good Practice Customer Charter' detailing a list of protections available to anyone taking out a short term or paycheck loan."

"We make clear how payday loans work to take care of urgent financial concerns." Uncle Buck continues, "All anyone has to do is visit our website to fill out an application. Our company requires several basic details such as personal identification, employment information and the dates on which you generally expect to be paid by your employer. That's all we need to begin to process a request for a payday loan. Depending upon the information provided, the approval process can take as little as fifteen minutes and as much as twenty-four hours. Once fully approved, many banks are equipped to accept an electronic transfer of funds almost immediately."

The spokesperson for Uncle Buck adds, "We see each of our customers as individuals in their own right. If our approval experts believe that they will not be able to handle the amount of money that has been requested, an applicant may be offered a smaller amount of money that we believe can be comfortably repaid in full. This exemplifies our commitment to safe lending and the concern we have for all of our customers."

About Uncle Buck Payday Loans LLP
This short-term loan company offers consumers an efficient online method for borrowing money. Their 24/7 customer service department is equipped to review applications for all qualified borrowers. When in need of a payday loan, consumers are merely asked to provide basic facts to borrow money until their next paycheck arrives. To accomplish their mission, Uncle Buck Payday Loans is fully regulated and works with consumers to make sure they never exceed their ability to repay what they have borrowed.