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Generate Comprehensible Content Faster Than Ever with First Draft 2.5


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- Nicole Miller of Just Outsourcing has released First Draft 2.5, a contextual content generation tool for freelance writers and anyone else who needs to overcome writer's block and increase writing speed at the same time.

First Draft 2.5 is writing software that generates comprehensible articles of any size in mere seconds with keyword support, an automated spelling and grammar corrector, a word requirements - pricing - and earnings meter, and more. It automates a significant portion of the writing process so that writers can quickly create and publish an unlimited number of articles and blog posts. And its simplified interface provides easy and intuitive access to over 5,000 sentence prompts and over 15,000 common phrases to completely obliterate writer's block.

First Draft 2.5 generates intelligible content at approximately 918 words per minute while giving freelance writers access to add-ons and templates for even more germane topics and content. Through its Data Packs, the software generates unique, subject-specific articles for every topic that freelancers are hired to write about. There's even a Sentence Swapper, a function that's exclusive to First Draft 2.5, which lets writers swap (exchange) individual sentences with relevant alternatives without changing the meaning of surrounding paragraphs or the entire article.

Its List Generator creates items related to a specified keyword and places these items inside a generated article within a matter of mere seconds. And its Content Refresher lets writers change topics at a whim without having to write an entirely new article. First Draft 2.5 was purposefully designed to accommodate nearly any subject, which makes it a necessary writing tool for any freelancer who needs to generate quality content under unusual time constraints.

Freelance writers will appreciate First Draft's unique proofing tool, which alerts writers of a low word count and insufficient specificity. To solve some of the most common problems that online freelance writers face, First Draft provides a healthy set of options to reach word count including an extensive outline of topics, experienced advice, and its own Word Count Extender -- a function that automatically replace some words and/or phrases with their longer counterparts.

First Draft saves content as text files, email messages, web pages (with standard HTML), and Word document files. It additionally corrects some of the most common spelling, grammar, and typing errors as well. At the freelance writer's request, however, First Draft will run through existing content and correct a larger number of errors based on a limited number of AP Style recommendations. The latest release adds access to common research tools such as the web, dictionaries, facts, news, graphics, videos, and products.

First Draft's extensive language database, speed, and ease-of-use reduces writing time down to mere seconds and makes it the ideal tool for freelance writers, bloggers, journalists, and anyone else looking for ways to speed up their writing without sacrificing quality.

First Draft 2.5 costs $49.99 and can be purchased online from http://www.justoutsourcing.com/

For more information, contact Just Outsourcing, 1008 Tenth Street PMB #456, Sacramento, CA 95814-3502.

Email: support@justoutsourcing.com

You can download a trial version of First Draft 2.5 from http://www.justoutsourcing.com

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