Glucosamine Found to Be a Potential Solution for Hyperpigmentation


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- Many individuals, especially those who are suffering from arthritis, are relying on the therapeutic benefits of glucosamine. Many studies support the use of glucosamine supplements to maintain joint health. Now, it seems that those who are suffering from skin discoloration can also take advantage of the natural ingredient's benefits.

According to research, glucosamine can be used to potentially help relieve hyperpigmentation. This skin condition is characterized by skin darkening that is due to increased levels of melanin. Some suggest that this increase is caused by sun damage.

"Glucosamine has always been known for its powerful therapeutic effects. Many studies are still being conducted to explore more of the best benefits that it has to offer," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

Dr. Lesli Baumann wrote a book called "Cosmetic Dermatology Principles and Practice", which stated that glucosamine is highly beneficial to the skin, particularly if suffering from hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is not only caused by sun damage, but also the presence of acne and inflammation. The condition can appear in small or large patches on the skin

Several studies have been conducted to see the effects of glucosamine on hyperpigmentation. Glucosamine is believed to have the power to reduce hyperpigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase activation, which is a suppressor of melanin synthesis.

A clinical test conducted for Proctor & Gamble found that N-acetyl glucosamine or NAG was able to reduce the visibility of facial hyperpigmentation. Another study also found that glucosamine worked better when combined with 4% niacinamide. It is believed that NAG has the capacity to penetrate the skin easily.

"Arthritis sufferers are often the most popular users of glucosamine supplements. However, it is also used by many people who want to improve other areas of their health," added O'Sullivan.

More clinical trials are still being conducted to test the efficacy of natural supplements such as glucosamine. An increasing number of dermatologists are also investigating the validity of the claims that glucosamine can indeed reduce hyperpigmentation.

Glucosamine supplements have been studied for a variety of health conditions and it is not a surprise that it can potentially help improve the skin's condition. There were even studies that indicated that glucosamine had the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote faster wound healing

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