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The Price of Promotion: Uplifting New Book Dissects Anatomy of Promotion; Empowering Readers to Find Their Best, God-Given Future

Masterfully crafted by Miriam V. Osborne Elliott, The Price of Promotion has one bold goal – to help readers maneuver the workplace without losing their integrity. Through a series of powerful life lessons and personal experiences, Elliott forces her audience to question who they really are, what they really want out of life and what they are willing to change in order to get it. After embracing the truth, readers find themselves fully equipped to pursue their God-given purpose. One critic recently hailed the book a “manifesto of self-declaration”, while another urged the Elliott’s work to “be part of every public servant’s bookshelf”.


Beltsville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- There's no way to sugarcoat it; few lead a true purpose-driven life. Miriam V. Osborne Elliott, M.Ed., has seen this detriment play out among the thousands of students she has mentored through her long career in higher education, serving as the catalyst for a bold new book that will teach anyone to recognize, prepare for and embrace their God-given purpose.

Aptly titled 'The Price of Promotion', this compelling new blueprint for a happy and prosperous future all starts with helping readers uncover their true purpose in the workplace. Through a series of Christian-inspired life lessons and affirmations, Elliott transforms readers into beacons of power for others; improving their own lives by providing the empowerment humanity so direly craves.


Many people go through their entire life without taking the time to stop and ask themselves the vital life questions that can enable them to find their best future. In The Price of Promotion, author Miriam Osborne Elliott encourages us to take a moment to ask ourselves these questions: Who am I? What am I willing to change to find the life I want to live? As we begin to reflect upon the answers to these questions, a clearer picture of where and who we are today begins to emerge.

For those on a positive path, The Price of Promotion can help them avoid a few purpose-deterring pitfalls; for anyone headed down the path of defeat and deferred destiny, stop! We need to take a personal and professional inventory of our lives and learn to listen to our God-given inner voices. Everyone wants to achieve a sense of progress and significance. The Price of Promotion can provide guidance through the process of assessing and setting life goals and identifying the paths needed to achieve them. If we can embrace the truth of ourselves, we can draw closer to our God-given purpose-finding, knowing, and doing what we were ultimately created to do.

"The book provides a step-by-step blueprint to self-improvement, from a work perspective" explains the author. "Readers will find themselves setting goals and – most importantly – identifying the paths to achieving them. Millions die having never known what they were ultimately put on Earth to do, but readers can now prepare to live it out while improving the lives of those around them."

Continuing, "Nobody should let life just happen to them. Life itself is a boundless teacher who provides daily lessons we should all listen to. My book takes it one step further by helping readers turn these lessons into positive and potentially life-changing action points. Believe me, when you know what your God-given purpose is, nothing is impossible."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. David Hall, President of the University of the Virgin Islands comments, "The Price of Promotion provides us with another window on human success in the workplace an in life… The book eloquently reminds us that our preparation and means greatly determine our outcome…The Price of Promotion is not a modest guide to self-development, but a manifesto of self-declaration wrapped in a blanket of humility."

Nellie Rivera-O'Reilly, Senator for United States Virgin Islands Legislature, adds, "I read the book in 40 minutes. I enjoy highlighting and my copy is filled with highlighted text. This book should be part of every public servant's bookshelf. While written to help those seeking promotion in the work place, the author's observations and insightful advice provide useful tools for those of us whose jobs require us to make decisions that have lasting effect on the lives of others. It speaks loud and clear to those seeking to belong and willing to sell their soul for a fleeting second of fame. It is my hope that every person who reads this book does so objectively."

'The Price of Promotion' is available now: http://amzn.to/1A2WDal

For more information, visit the official website: http://www.thepriceofpromotion.com

About Miriam V. Osborne Elliott, M.Ed.
Miriam V. Osborne Elliott, M.Ed., has dedicated her professional life to the arena of higher education. She has worked in several key positions in higher education; most recently, at the University of Maryland-College Park and formerly as the Dean of Students at the University of the Virgin Islands. She is a new resident of the Beltsville community. She also enjoys being a parent to her daughter, Eladia, along with her husband.