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Take a Closer Look: Bold Poetry Compilation Takes Readers on Spiritual Journey Into the Soul; Capturing Constant Persistence of Faith in Life

Masterfully crafted by Harel R. Lawrence, ‘Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey Into the Soul’ contains a wealth of inspirational and encouraging thoughts for readers of all ages; written to challenge readers to walk in truth and light. By finding God and moving closer to him, any reader will be able to lead a life of greater purpose, happiness and service.


Lamar, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- While Christian poetry has become something of a literary staple over the past five years, few books combine their spiritual wisdom with a blueprint for readers to practically apply what they have learned. Thankfully, Harel R. Lawrence is stepping up to the plate with gusto, releasing a compelling new poetry compilation that provides readers with a complete and definitive spiritual journey into the soul.

'Take a Closer Look' can be read and cherished by readers of all ages and backgrounds. All they require is a desire to move closer to God, embrace His word and enjoy a new life of abundance.


Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the soul is a powerful examination of faith, love and spirituality that will open readers eyes to God's presence in their everyday lives. It challenges readers to walk in truth and light. It conveys the enduring truth that in spite of adversity. The book captures the constant persistence of faith in our lives.

Take a Closer Look contains inspirational and encouraging thoughts for readers of all ages. The messages that percolate with spirituality and love. After each message, he offers brief interpretations of each thought to help guide readers in their understanding. For example, his message "Smiles That Come Forth" shows readers the light within and the ways they can share it with the world.

"These are 'prose poems', so slightly out of the ordinary," explains the author, who remains active in his church's children's ministry. "And I take a holistic approach, going beyond simple verses of poetry to also guide readers in their understanding. They'll learn how to do everything from better understand God's word to embracing light and share all they have gained with the world."

Continuing, "But nothing is written in a hard-and-fast fashion. I hope that readers will interpret my words how they see fit, and find their own meaning between the lines. May the glory of God touch their hearts!"

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, April comments, "This compilation of poetry takes the reader indeed on a spiritual journey. The poems are a collection that reflect on the spiritual nature of love and our experiences in trying to find and come closer to God. An enjoyable read!"

Another reader adds, "This book has touched me deeply, it made me realize that my walk with God, is not as close as I thought it was. It brought tears in my eyes just by reading a few of the poems. It made me to Take a Closer Look!"

'Take a Closer Look' is available now: http://amzn.to/1tZEw34

For more information, visit the author's official website: http://hlawrence.com

About Harel R. Lawrence
I am Harel R. Lawrence - author and poet of the book "Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul". I graduated from High School in 1983 and I have an Associates of Science degree in Law Enforcement. I am very active in children's ministry at my local church. I have been attending for over 10 yrs. Since I was published I have recieved the International who's who in Poetry and several other awards. I have been writing ever since High School I was published in several articles through Future Farmers of America, and also been published in my local newspaper several times.