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MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Assists with Oil Spill Cleanup in Wildwood Park


Abingdon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2015 -- MXI Maumee Express, Inc., one of the nation's leading environmental services companies, was able to effectively use absorbent control equipment and hazardous materials containment techniques to clean up debris that contaminated Paxton Creek in November. A tractor trailer was overturned on an off ramp off I-81 and began leaking diesel fuel, which migrated to the Paxton Creek and Wildwood Lake in Harrisburg, PA. About 10 to 15 gallons made its way from the site of the crash through the storm drain path that exited into Paxton Creek.

As one of the nation's leading hazardous waste disposal companies, the team from MXI was able to respond to a crisis in a timely and efficient manner to control the situation, contain the contaminate, collect it, and ensure no fuel contaminated the Susquehanna River. With help from Heather Dock, a Water Quality Specialist from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the crew from MXI was able to locate the exit point of the storm water drain and its connecting location with Paxton Creek within two days.

Utilizing dilute detergent to remove oil sheen from the surface waterways, and containerizing surface debris for disposal through booms and pads, the crew was left to monitor the operation and see how their efforts would react after the first rainfall. While their efforts allowed all visible oil sheen to clear away from the water, there were was a chance some traces of remained, so the process of observation continued.

The crew removed debris that was caught in the oil booms and after consultation with Dock, decided to leave a series of booms to avoid further contamination in Wildwood Lake. A company that offers exceptional drum waste disposal, they shipped 9 drums of diesel fuel cleanup debris that was gathered at the site for disposal.

After further tests, surface debris removal, and replacement of oil absorbent boom pads, the PADEP found no remaining concerns. MXI then removed oil booms and pads from the entrance of Wildwood Lake and sent the containers for proper disposal on December 3. Key personnel from MXI in the oil removal efforts included Jim Monticello, Jonathan Ramsay, and Craig Potter.

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