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Provillus Reviews: James Russell Offers the Hand-Picked Best


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- The new formula of Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment is making it hard for consumers to locate real Provillus reviews, but health guru James Russell has pulled together some of the best on his website Provillus Real Reviews -

At the same time, he makes it clear what consumers need to watch out for when researching the popular health supplement -- like how long reviewers have actually tried the product -- and includes a tip that lets buyers get free shipping.

"The NEW Formula Provillus seems to be getting significantly better reviews," says Russell. "It is still hard to give a firm opinion since the NEW Formula has only been available to purchase for a short time. But what we are seeing so far from reviewers is extremely positive."

Further compounding the difficulty for consumers is the often incorrect use of the product by amateur reviewers. Since "there is no magic wand for this condition," as Russell puts it, users who try the product for a month or less cannot really expect to see results. It must be used consistently for three months or more.

Nevertheless there are a flood of reviews by purchasers who buy the product and look for results within the one-month mark. While some of these nevertheless see hair regrowth, they cannot be considered a fair assessment of the product.

Russell's website came about in part because the Internet has been flooded by Provillus reviews of questionable quality, and he knew there were buyers out there trying to get useful information before purchasing the product. As a result, Russell spent some time to scour the Web and locate reviews which in his expert eye represented a fair perspective on the hair treatment.

At the same time, he provides a great deal of background information on the popular product which buyers need to know before purchasing. There are, for example, two different versions of the Provillus product -- one for men, one for women -- and they should never be interchanged. (The reason has to do with the amount of Minoxidil contained in the topical solution part of the two-part kit.)

Provillus also comes in two parts. One is a topical solution which users apply to their scalp, while the second is a vitamin supplement which ensures hair loss sufferers are getting the correct nutrients in their diet to allow hair regrowth. Either can be purchased separately -- and this may be necessary after using it for a period of months, as one component may be used more quickly than the other -- but for first-time buyers Russell strongly recommends they buy the "full kit."

The reason for this is simple: while it might be tempting to save money by purchasing just the topical solution component, both components are needed to maximize results. Russell advises anyone noticing signs of thinning or hair loss to take action immediately, and it is better to start with everything and nip a small problem in the bud now rather than risk it getting more severe later.

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