Entrepreneur, Michael Fied, Acquires National SEO Company


Lakeland, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2015 -- Seasoned internet marketing veteran Michael Fied recently expanded his holdings when he acquired Dollar SEO Club from XFLAVOR, LLC of Orlando, FL for an undisclosed amount. Michael is founder and owner of another massively successful internet marketing agency in Florida, MAINFORCE, LLC. The combined assets of these two agencies is expected to both accelerate and stabilize the growth of the two companies' fields of activities across the country.

Whereas before, MAINFORCE, LLC was focused almost exclusively on catering to local clientele in the State of Florida, this recent acquisition is the first step in a wave of expansion that will bring MAINFORCE's reliable internet marketing services to the national level. MAINFORCE originally started out as a product of Michael's vision of a transparent, top-quality, personalized internet marketing experience to both small and large business owners in his State. Drawing upon the vast reserves of marketing knowledge that he gained while shadowing others and tinkering on his own, Michael quickly established MAINFORCE as a trusted name among many of the business owners in his local community. As Michael's understanding of the field broadened and deepened, he wasted no time in expanding the services that his company offered integrating a host of high-demand services in a unified framework. At its founding, MAINFORCE was focused mainly on providing a combination of search engine optimization and social media marketing services. Now though, MAINFORCE has decided to push the envelope even further, providing such diverse and sorely-needed amenities as quality on-shore call phone support and other offline marketing support services.

The company being acquired, Dollar SEO Club, is no featherweight either- Dollar SEO Club quickly became one of the leading providers of SEO services both in the State of Florida and beyond. Their success can be attributed to the simple and transparent payment model that they employ, where customers only pay for well-defined services that are guaranteed to be rendered. The fact that they charge people for results instead of efforts, coupled together with their easy to understand payment structure was a sure-fire recipe for quick success. Simply put, Dollar SEO Club lives up to its name- it charges customers as low as a single dollar per keyword per month to put the client site associated with that keyword at the very top of the search engine results. This rank-climbing is guaranteed to happen by the Club, "or your money back" according to their hompage's sensational promotions- a guarantee that they guarantee that they've never actually had to enforce, so successful their track record is.

The combination of these two immensely successful marketing firms is expected to yield even more successful results. In his own words, Michael is quoted as saying, "This is an outstanding opportunity for both MAINFORCE & the Search Engine Optimization World in general. We intend to push the limits and open new doorways when turning the gears in internet marketing." He then went on to stress that MAINFORCE's #1 Priority is, and always will be, their unsullied Customer Service policy. He fully intends to transplant this commendable company culture to his new holding Dollar SEO Club.

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