Argufy - iOS and Android App Offers a Fun Way to Settle Scores

An app with a unique twist


Castries, Saint Lucia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2015 -- Humans thrive on the idea that they are always right. Being right not only boosts the confidence but, also gives a sense of power over an individual, a group and so on. Arguing face to face can often times get ugly and nasty and the end result may or may not be fair. To make matters simple, Argufy an iOS and Android app has been launched.

This app is a tool that can be used to settle an argument, bring closure to a hot topic and in essence, serve as the referee who can settle scores. What the app offers is a user interface that can be used to record a fifteen second argument stating points of contention. Once that is done, the video will be shared with friends who will then vote and take their pick. The highest number of votes in an hour will be declared the winner.

There are no serious connotations here, just a fun and unique way that can be used to end an argument in a fair manner which could otherwise take hours and would end up hurting the people involved. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch this app is free for download.

As soon as the app is downloaded the interface syncs all social contacts of the user upon which the user can select any one person on the list that he wants to settle an argument with. Then the user proceeds to record a fifteen second defense stating his points, declaring his opinion after which the voting begins.

Arguments referred to as 'argys' from both sides are posted on the participants' Facebook pages where the crowd decides who the winner is. It is therefore a fair, straightforward game that is entertaining right from the beginning till the end.

About Argufy
Argufy is a fun, interactive app that nurtures healthy competition among friends. For silly squabbles among friends and for topics that need a little bit of spotlight this app is a great way to get noticed. For those who want to try a new way to come to a parallel, the app offers a fresh approach that has never been tried before.

As the app is available for free download, there is no commitment involved but, a chance to experience a cool way to settle quarrels.

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Also available on Android

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