Mark Sproston Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Automatic Foam Delivery Shaving System Named Neo Razor

Mark Sproston wants to create high quality razors capable of delivering a unique shaving experience at an affordable price. He has just started a Kickstarter campaign to meet his expenses for the creation of Neo Razor.


Staffordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- Mark Sproston is an experienced wet shave specialist popularly known as The Shavedoctor. Over the last eight years, Mark has trained barbers, hair and beauty professionals on performing high class professional wet shave. Having shaved over 60,000 men from all ages, skin and facial hair types, Mark and his team is well aware of everyday shaving issues faced by men. Interestingly, Mark asked 14 important questions relating to these men's usual shaving routine and common complaints before shaving them.

Now, based on his experience and information gathered from men that he has shaved, Mark wants to develop a range of shaving products that will protect the skin from the harsh elements of the razor blades. With its high performance blades, Neo Razor will offer rash free and irritation free shaves for all skin types.

A uniquely designed razor, Neo Razor will have an automatic foam delivery shaving system that will deliver shaving foam straight from the razor handle through the blades. The first twenty prototypes of Neo Razor were showcased with an excellent response at a world trade show in Hong Kong in November 2014. After the approval of the final design, Mark wants to start manufacturing Neo Razor in April, 2015. In order to ensure smooth and quick supply, Mark has decided that the minimum manufacturing quantities will be 50,000 razors and 50,000 replacement blade packs.

Unfortunately, Mark Sproston is not in a position to start manufacturing Neo Razor without funding support. He has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £150,000 for this project. This campaign will end on February 6, 2015. All funds raised will be spent on designing, manufacturing, marketing, and associated expenses.

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About Mark Sproston
Mark Sproston has spent years with his team training hair and beauty professionals on how to deliver a first class professional wet shave in a salon or barber shop environment using the open blade razor. He is determined to create Neo Razor, a very unique shaving system that would target and resolve all common shaving issues experienced by over 60% of men and women around the world today.