Whois API Offering Convenient Whois Lookup and Whois Database Downloading Services at Competitive Rates

Whois API is known for offering hosted whois web services along with whois lookup facilities at surprisingly low prices for its clients.


Walnut, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- Whois lookup has become a necessary tool for finding out all the integral information about a domain. Not many companies are there that can offer quality whois web based service with the client's needs in mind. Whois API provides exceptional whois web services including whois lookup, whois database downloading, bulk whois lookup and domain availability checking services. Diversified services in a single segment have helped it create a niche for itself and established its credibility. The charges of different services offered by it are kept affordable with the convenience of customers in mind. It is capable of providing prompt and accurate whois data within a very short span of time.

Speaking about the services and facilities offered by Whois API, one of its senior executives has mentioned, "We always offer well constructed and consistent whois data in XML and JSON. We make sure that updated and accurate whois data is available to the client's applications 24X7. We are well aware that most applications require continuous flow of high volume and high traffic whois data. We fulfill this demand of client's application by never getting bogged down by the whois registrars. We also provide Newly Registered Domain and Just Expired Domains as daily downloads. The tlds we support are .com, .org, .net, .coop, .asia, .name, .tel, .aero, .pro and several hundreds of new GTLDs. Customers can have a look at the sample data before they click and select the edition they want to purchase."

Prospective customers can register their free developer account at the website of Whois API for getting its very first 500 whois lookups free of charges. The whois data lookup service offered by Whois API is used for many purposes like tracking domain registrations, checking domain name availability, advanced whois web pages, detecting credit card frauds and investigating spam. This service can also help in geographically locating users and provides support for online researches. The whois service evaluates whois registry referral chains until it comes across appropriate whois registrars for the most complete whois data for the clients. Whois API uses Parser API that has been created to work over basic HTTP and helps in avoiding firewall related problems.

"We provide archived historic whois database in both parsed and raw formats for download as database dumps like MYSQL or MYSSQL dump or CSV files. We help in extracting fine-grained information and gain insight from a comprehensive pool of whois records. For fast track service, one can rely on our bulk whois lookup services. We use backend processes for quick lookup on a wide array of domain names", the senior executive was further quoted as saying.

Whois API is offering three software packages which are Lite, Professional and Enterprise. The licenses only cover non-redistributable use. The clients can contact the customer care department for other options and a quote for complete source code license. Whois API also offers whois hosting services of superior quality. It is believed to be the most reliable choice for getting Free Whois Lookup Tool.

About Whois API
Whois API has gained unparalleled reputation in offering whois lookup and whois database downloading services. Its domain availability API is the most accurate domain name availability checking service that the public can easily access. It collects parsed whois data in bulk at reasonable prices. It uses a smart mechanism for neutralizing the query limits set by whois registrars. Whois API is the best online resource for Whois database download. When it comes to Whois domain lookup service, they are right at the top.

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