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Connie Fuller Unleashes the Diva in New Book


Dacula, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- Most people think that being a diva is all about wearing the best fashion brands and staying prim all the time then, author Connie Fuller has something really special to share 'Being a diva- the secret to successful women and work from home jobs' is one her latest books that truly inspires the hustler in every woman. It is a short and fascinating story about a woman who always wanted to work for herself and found some amazing ways of making big bucks without compromising on her dreams to become rich and powerful.

'Being a diva- the secret to successful women and work from home jobs' is a story of a girl who takes up a journey to make big money and make her dreams come true in times when people around her expect her to behave and live in a certain way. In all ways, she is a rebellion who doesn't like or want to work for anyone but herself and is very much interested to work from the home. Her love and passion for making money and working from home makes her instantly stand out of the crowd and as soon as she grows older, she realizes that her traits resemble that of a female hustler and she proudly recognizes herself as a diva having all the great traits of being a hustler.

'Being a diva' is one unique book that introduces women to both dream and practical world with utmost ease. It is in fact surprising to know that this book is about Connie, the author herself who found a number of ways in her teens and later years to earn without actually working for anyone else. In this very process, she takes care of herself, celebrates her femininity and doesn't get bothered by all the pitfalls that she encounters. Instead of focusing on the downfalls, she puts her exceptional entrepreneurial skills to start a maid service, makes money from various internet services and even goes on to become a candy lady.

To begin with, 'Being a diva' might seem like a work of fiction about a more-than courageous girl who is ready to challenge all the boundaries bestowed on her but this little book earns quite a few brownie points on the practical advices that it gives to its readers besides its more than captivating emotional writing. No matter what age a woman is, there are numerous challenges that she will face on daily basis as regards to her personal and professional life and each one of her desires to work for herself instead of serving someone else. 'Being the diva' inspires women in more than one way to take up an initiative to begin with their journey to become self-employed and economically independent. It shows women more than one ways of sitting and earning at home, so that they no longer need to compromise on their personal and family time. It motivates women to take up tasks like socializing and experimentation seriously and keep an open mind under all circumstances. All in all, 'Being the diva' is a must-read for all the ambitious and independent women out there.


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Connie Fuller
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