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Local Women's Group Launch Rare Customized Craft Handbags and Clutches via Crowd Funding

Imagine yourself as the director of a talented group- What would you do if your group makes handbags that are reviewed as exceptionally good, yet you have a small market to sell them to? More so what if the market is not well-off to buy the handbags at a price that can enable you to make a profit? Faced with such a change, a local women’s group took a decision that will leave many fashion and handcraft lovers with a smile on their face.


Kampala, Uganda -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- Faced with the need to expand to international markets, a local women's group which makes fine handmade craft handbags has decided to launch a limited inventory of their craft handbags and clutches which come customized with your/ her name or favorite word through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet and according to Lubowa MP, the organizer of the crowdfunding campaign, a fine and rare customized craft handbag will be shipped to whoever makes a contribution towards this campaign.

The campaign is running on indiegogo, which is one of the largest and most trusted crowdfunding websites under the title "Customized Fine Craft Handbags - Reserve hers.". The campaign page displays images of the different handbags and clutches that contributors will get. "You just tell us your name or the name of your special one and we shall craft it onto the handbag/ clutch that she receives. We believe this will be a special gift one can give to themselves or their special ones" Said Lubowa MP. The goal of this campaign is to raise at least $27,000, which the group hopes to use to launch a bigger and more expensive marketing campaign. This campaign will leave a smile on many faces because the contributions (Known as Perks in indiegogo lingo) are cheaper than what the group claims it will charge for their products when they launch them on many online stores.

The handbags and handmade using local materials such as beads, palm leaves, sisal, banana fibers, ribbons, etc. Some of the handbags being offered through this campaign include: customized beaded clutch craft handbags, palm leaves carry it all handcraft tote, banana fibers cross body handbag among others.

Mary Janet, one of the group members said that she believes this campaign will reach its goal within no time because people love these handbags. "Many men order them for their lovers. They tell us to write their lover's name and they send to them as gifts. We have been sending customized handbags and clutches to all over USA, Canada, many European countries and Australia. We think this campaign will help us even reach more countries." Said Janet. You can reserve yours or her customized handbag here.

About Us:
Contact Person: Lubowa M. Planet
Company Name: Softer Dreams
Address: 32259, Clock Tower, Kampala- Uganda
Tel: 256702665172