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Crier Communications Reveals Specialized Food PR for the Food and Drink Industry


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2015 -- The food and drink industry is a tough business to survive in, with fierce, long-established competitors possessing abundant resources to draw attention to themselves. Nevertheless, Crier Communications has the experience and expertise to make a difference, and boost the image of food and beverage companies that are looking to establish their brand name.

A leading food PR firm, "Crier Communications has been promoting organic since before many even knew what organic meant. With over 15 years of experience helping food and beverage companies increase sales and develop new distribution channels, food PR is very much in Crier Communications' DNA and has been for even longer than most so-called food PR firms."

For more than fifteen years, Crier Communications has helped food and beverage companies develop and grow their businesses by increasing sales and establishing new distribution channels. In this multi-billion dollar industry, brand recognition and story-telling have become just as important as exotic dishes and tasty spices.

Known as one of the top food PR agencies, Crier Communications has earned placements on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Food and Wine, Real Simple and Hungry Girl on a regular basis. The firm handles all levels of exposure, including placements with established media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and other influential online blogs.

Public relations and advertising are what Crier Communications does best. The firm will create a story for a food or beverage company as a way to promote their brand. Whether it is through Facebook, online banner ads, brochures, outdoor advertising, creative mailers or events, Crier Communications has helped their clients succeed.

Helen's Kitchen, a family owned business, is one of many examples of Crier Communications' success stories. The company undertook an aggressive campaign to establish a number of distribution points and increase market share in the health food sector.

Crier's management team, who executed the strategies, stood by their word of being "a brand amplifier, blurring the lines between public relations, advertising, social media and events." As a result, they have turned up the volume on a number of businesses, enabling them to get into their respective markets quickly and gain a firm standing.

Being one of the most experienced consumer product and lifestyle marketing agencies in the US, Crier Communications has built a strong track record of happy clients. The firm specializes in advertising, social media marketing, and public relations, as well as event and experiential marketing. The management team behind the company will execute effective strategies in a timely manner with a clear-cut story that is right for the business they're helping.

Whether it is health foods, a product launch, a café or a major restaurant, Crier Communications understands that businesses need customers to expand. Learn more about how they can help to chronicle a company's journey to success here:

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Crier Communications is a consumer food and beverage public relations and advertising agency with over 15 years of experience and know-how in attracting the attention of editors and influencers in order to amplify brands' appeal to consumers.

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