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Brand new literary hub Romance & Smut has delivered results from over 22,000 search queries in the first month weeks of operation.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- Brand new literary hub Romance & Smut has delivered results from over 22,000 search queries in the first month weeks of operation. Bookworms searching for romance novels can use the website for free to find new and exciting reads categorised by themes, topics and keywords.

By choosing and combining different topics and search terms, users can sift through 150,000 romance novels and erotica. The search allows romance lovers to be united with their favourite content, saving hours of time trawling bookshops or the web for a read they know they'll enjoy. From a strong or curvy heroine to a dominant or tortured hero, avid readers can find whatever gets them going at!

Silke Jahn, Founder said, "Romance novels are great escapism, which is why they are so popular and read by millions across the world. However the topic and content of romantic novels can vary massively, it's almost as if each plot relates to a personal dream or fantasy. It's important for readers to find their perfect romantic novel to cater to their personal dream scenario – which is now so easy using the Romance & Smut search function."

In addition to the novel search function, the website also publishes book reviews, new releases, author interviews and more. It is an all-in-one resource for romance readers to browse interesting articles and select a reading list through the opinions of other romance fans.

The team at Romance & Smut have collected information about the searches carried out on site, to determine which topics and themes are the most popular in romance books.

Silke Jahn, Founder, said, "We were initially suspecting that our users would search for the usual categories such as 'paranormal', 'historical', 'fantasy', 'erotica' and so on. But instead what we see is that they are really taking advantage of our search by highly personalising their queries. For example, it is not uncommon to see quite elaborate searches which combine 5 to 6 topics and themes. In addition, it seems that the main genres are not what readers are most interested in, they much rather seem to look for books with particular relationship themes such as cheating or forbidden love, or specific types of heroes and heroines."

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The brand new go-to website for romance enthusiasts, Romance & Smut offers a free comprehensive search function to allow readers to find books they will love categorised by topics, themes and characters.

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