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Stanley Paving Announces Availability for Residential Snow Plowing Services


Burlington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2015 -- While there has not been the massive accumulation of snow that was originally predicted, the Northeast still has a few more months of winter left. Many meteorologists are predicting this February to make up for the lack of snow. Saving residents from hours of backbreaking labor, Stanley Paving has announced they have availabilities for their residential snow plowing services. With their service, homeowners will be able to sit in front of a fire and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate instead of marching into a blizzard.

Stanley Paving, one of the premier paving companies in Ocean County, NJ, has a team of talented snow plow drivers that are ready to go at a moment's notice. Clients can schedule a service every snowstorm or on an as needed basis. Customers have the option to pay a flat rate or by the inch, allowing them to choose the most cost-effective method. They give the customer the ability to pick what time their driveway is plowed to ensure there are no issues leaving for work.

Along with plowing driveways, they also offer a variety of other services to help residents combat snowstorms. If there is a large section of the property that needs to be cleared, the company can haul away the snow to avoid dumping mounds on any needed space. For customer convenience, the service includes clearing the sidewalk and steps of any snow to create a safe environment for pedestrians to walk across. At the request of the client, the snow removal team can spread salt before and after a storm to prevent ice from forming.

In order to ensure all accumulating snow is removed from the driveway in time, prospective clients are urged to call Stanley Paving before the snow starts. Those interested in hiring the company, which is a leading name in asphalt paving in Ocean County, NJ, can contact them through their website or by calling 866-938-6736.

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At Stanley Paving, the contractors are experienced in all types of paving services, no matter what the scale of the project may be. For the past 57 years, they have been able to provide commercial and residential property owners in the Delaware Valley region with the highest quality products. With a thorough diagnosis of the area that needs work; Stanley Paving can provide the most reasonable suggestions to ensure properties are protected. They are dedicated to providing unparalleled service in the paving industry that client's value and trust.

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