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Manager of Customer Care Explains Hytrol Conveyor Lean Journey Featured in Quality Digest Series


Jonesboro, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2015 -- Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., was featured in Quality Digest in the second of a series of articles highlighting a deep inquiry among members of the organization about their lean journey. Thomas R. Cutler, industrial journalist, interviewed Chris Taylor, Focus Factory manager at Hytrol Conveyor and Tony Sartin, manager of customer care at Hytrol.

Sartin explained, "Before lean it was very chaotic, as we were constantly putting out fires and hunting for parts due to so much work in process. Starting lean meant being a teacher of the lean principles and tools. Key through this phase was to listen to the employees and then showing how the data from the lean tools guided us in the necessary direction. This helped the team understand the tools and provided some understanding of the changes that were made. Once the cells were set up and running, we went to more of a coaching and guiding stage. When bottlenecks appeared in the flow of the cell, the team members would work together to evaluate the root cause and implement the change to improve the flow and eliminate the bottlenecks. Now its continuous improvement through our journey."

The series highlights the companywide lean culture and how a lean journey affects people and companies. Jonesboro, Arkansas-based Hytrol Conveyors, a designer and manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, allowed an in-depth examination of why lean manufacturing drives its entire culture. This is the second interview in the series.

To read the entire article, go to: http://www.hytrol.com/web/index.php/media-center/press-releases/374-conveying-lean-excellence-part-2

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