Unifying Equation LLC Introduces New and Unique Spiritual Pendant That Unifies Everything, a New Symbol for God

The new spiritual pendant from Unifying Equation has been created with an aim to spread a message of unity amongst the masses!


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2015 -- Unifying Equation LLC is pleased to announce the official worldwide launch of its new spiritual jewelry, designed in form of a beautiful pendant, "A New Symbol for God" that unifies all things and all people for all of existence. Through this pendant, Unifying Equation team wants to begin a movement, to share a message of unifying all humans of any faith and connecting those who do not partake in organized religion.

The birth of this concept took place in the year 2013, when Christina's brother was making preparations for a transition to move across the country. He shared a unique passage which he had written a year prior in his personal journal, despite the fact that he never intended to share it with anyone.

According to Christina Chambers, the founder and owner of this company; "When the Unifying Equation Passage was introduced to us, it became a spiritual thread. In my family, we have always had our own expressions and belief systems, but we all share a binding commonality that God = Consciousness. If this could be so in my family unit, surely this is a dynamic that exists around the world. From this thinking, a clear vision began to form in my mind, heart and spirit." She further added; "I envisioned a symbol, a new symbol that could identify God and this Movement. Interestingly enough, I couldn't find one symbol universally recognized for God. After many months of research and development, the Unifying Equation symbol was created. I wanted this symbol to become a pendant - to be timeless, distinct and universal. The circle represents unity, wholeness and infinity, while the equal lines represent the answer to the equation which is God. Now, from unique spiritual jewelry to apparel to much more...the Movement is expanding rapidly."

For more information, simply visit: http://www.unifyingequation.com/

About Unifying Equation LLC
As a company, Unifying Equation wants to share a positive message amongst the masses in order to help people unite from all faiths. It wants to bridge the gap between science and religion, where human beings can connect through the spiritual energy and flow of the Universe. The UE symbol (God = The Unifying Equation | G = UE) is basically a new Movement to create a shift in consciousness, raise awareness, and vibrate on a higher spiritual level.

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