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The Angel Scroll: The Fallen Ones – Epic New Book Makes Angelology Fun; Providing Fascinating Study of Angelic Realms & "Forgotten" Religious Texts

Masterfully crafted by Kevin O. Hunking, ‘The Angel Scroll: The Fallen Ones’ tells the fascinated yet under-publicized story of a chance discovery in a hidden cave that would shake the Spiritual Community like never before. Weaving fact around fiction, Hunking’s depiction of the Angel Scroll’s discovery provides readers with a fun and exciting introduction to Angelology, its folklore, and its bold impact on legendary religious books that never made it into the Bible…


Salem, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- In 1956, a chance discovery was made that could change the course of theology forever. This monumental artifact's transcended life on Earth impacts the very foundations of Heaven. Few are aware of just how powerful the Angel Scroll could be. A fascinating new book by Kevin O. Hunking tells its story through compelling fiction, fact and an engrossing study of Angelic realms.

'The Angel Scroll: The Fallen Ones' is the first volume in a preeminent new series that will leave readers with a renewed thirst for studying religion, Angelology and its unshakable messages to humanity.


In 1956, a humble goatherd found a hidden cave in the desert of Jordan, setting off a series of events that would shake the very pillars of Heaven.

Based on the actual events described in The Jerusalem Report, this fast-paced adventure novel weaves together the discovery —and subsequent cover-up—of the immensely powerful Angel Scroll during the 1970s.

This modern-day tale also tells of the mysterious Mystic Wayfarer, a man who can heal with a simple touch.

Beset by fallen angels and the greed of men, Lucas and the Wayfarer will risk everything to bring the Scroll's sacred message to the world.

"Studying the Angelic realms and Angelology has traditionally been tough, but my goal is to use one of history's greatest stories to finally make it fun and exciting," explains Hunking, who is committed to making his work readable and accessible to readers from all backgrounds. "The people, folklore and legends contained within the Angelic realms is truly fascinating and, in my opinion, one of the most under-rated components of theology."

Continuing, "But this book also has a secondary goal; one that required brevity to attempt. It both enlightens readers to and educates them about many books that, while potentially life-changing to their religious study, never made it into the Bible. This first volume in the series will hopefully serve as a catalyst to a lifetime's study of these texts. It's fascinating stuff."

Since its release, the novel has garnered a string of rave reviews. Jay Stimler comments, "Mr Hunking reveals himself as an expert of angelology. The Scroll holds your attention. I read it straight through in four hours. The twists and turns of the plot keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a first rate novel."

Chris Raikes adds, "Love love love this book! It was adventurous and exciting. The authors attention to detail and ability to paint clear, beautiful pictures in your mind made it really hard to put this book down. I can't wait until the next book in the series comes out so I can see what happens next!!"

Bonnie found the book to be a refreshing alternative, writing, "What a surprise! An excellent read about an interesting subject. I would not normally be drawn to a book like this but I thoroughly
enjoyed this book and look forward to the next chapter."

'The Angel Scroll: The Fallen Ones' is available now: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OVI9C1A

For more information on the author's work, visit his official website: http://spiritualcoretheory.com.

About Kevin Hunking
Kevin Hunking currently lives in Salem, Oregon, where he is a school district superintendent. Born and raised in rural Ontario, Canada, Kevin has developed a love for great fantasy storytelling and a fascination with spiritual teachings. Kevin is the author of The Angel Scroll series of novels, in which he takes the study of Angelology and presents it in a highly readable and exciting format.