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Public Goes Barking Mad…Barking Mad…for a Novel That Tells a Raw & Tumultuous Story of Evolving American Family Dynamics

‘And the Puppy Howls’ is Eric Paul Lee’s unique attempt to both capture and explore 21st Century American family life. Lee explores a microcosm of society where the typical norms are missing. A World where the word ‘relationship’ has a different meaning and where the highs and lows of life fuse into a cocktail of a different taste with no certain outcome. Critics have hailed the book as “intense”, “twisted” and containing “all the right ingredients” to please readers from all walks of life. One thing is for certain – while the modern American family continues to adapt and change, that puppy will continue to howl…


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- Eric Paul Lee's 'And the Puppy Howls' has a dog in the title and a dog on the cover but, strangely enough, not one iota of the narrative is about dogs in any way, shape or form. But get this – the puppy in question does play a pivotal role, by serving as a metaphor for continuity as American family dynamics radically evolve around it.

'And the Puppy Howls' is the first novel in its series. Don't be fooled by the initial enigma – the narrative, its associated website and developing band of followers are rapidly proving that most people are intrigued by a story on a society that's morphing itself into unique, sometimes weird and often wonderful states.


'And the Puppy Howls' – Is a fictional journey through 21st Century American life where different realities blend in confusion, loss, death and renewal.

It all begins when a man; after achieving a high level of success in business; a success so complete that it enables a complete stop of the daily grind… stops. And just then, with that success, with that stop…the man's life turns upside down with a sequence of tragic events. First, his good health is taken away; next his financial security is shattered; then his best friend dies; and worst of all, his secret lover…

The story takes us through his journey of loss, recovery and renewal while dealing with intense sadness and uncertainty. The man; faced with loss and grief; yet determined to find the strength and resilience within to move forward… forward as he dwells on memories of the past and his dead lover and their complicated relationship.

In this tale relationships in modern America ain't what they used to be. Families don't exist like before with Dad going off to work, Mom home keeping house and the kids doing chores and then their homework before bed.


Modern family life no longer comes close to that...

"The entire series stems from the times I'd stare at Freud, my own dog, and wonder how he perceived the world as his human cousins changed and evolved around him," explains Lee. "Freud, and dogs in general, are one constant in a world that doesn't seem to know what it is, or isn't, at any given moment. Therefore, a dog served as the perfect symbol of continuity."

Continuing, "The series has really launched with a bang. We've recently updated the website and kicked off our social media efforts. The idea is to build a national or larger community to support the series and what it stands for."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Gloria comments, "I started reading this book and could not put it down. An intense story about a twisted love triangle with an unexpected end. Very well written, best book in its genre I've read in years."

Mel adds, "Whether you look at your beer glass as half full or half empty, "The Puppy Howls" has the right ingredients. The trilogy is for any reader, of any age, whether you own a dog or not."

The series' follow-up volumes, 'And the Puppy Howls No Longer' and 'And the Puppy Ain't a Puppy No More' continue to explore this unique and compelling adult fairy tale.

'And the Puppy Howls' is available for purchase through Amazon in both digital and hardcopy formats and on Smashwords for all other non Kindle formats (Nook, iBook, tablet, phone, etc.) . For more information and to purchase, visit the series' official website: http://andthepuppyhowls.com.

The two other books in the series are also available. For more information and to purchase, visit the series' official website: http://andthepuppyhowls.com

Copies are available digitally through Amazon and Smashwords, as well in hardcopy format.

Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EPLeeBooks.

About Eric Paul Lee
After a lifetime spent in his native New York, Eric Paul Lee now resides in beautiful, tropical, Miami, Florida. Upon graduation from college, Eric bounced from job to job until the Graphic Arts caught his creative eye and a new career began. With his first graphics production position under his belt Eric moved from his original hometown of Seagate, Brooklyn, New York to Manhattan... never to live in Brooklyn again.

Success built on success as corporate stints in California brought about even greater successes leading to Eric's eventual New York City return and the opening of his own Graphics Agency in Manhattan. That enterprise ran successfully for over twenty years.

Now out of industry entirely, Eric is happy to enjoy the perpetual Florida sun and write. Now a part of the goodreads author network, you can connect to EP Lee either via goodreads.com/EPLee, or Facebook.com/EPLeeBooks.