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Canadian Custom Giving Away 768 Adult Toys After New Year


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- BodyFaceShop, a well-known company for importing a range of beauty products to Canada has been serving the clients for over 8 years. At present this company is producing a new aromatherapy diffuser which is considered an effective tool for getting a calm atmosphere at home. The aromatherapy diffuser works with the help of essential oils.

Body Face Shop sold thousands of Spalite aromatherapy diffuser last year. Due to the increasing demand and sales during Christmas, it was out of stock. Luckily, the new shipment just arrived on Jan 2 ready to be imported into Vancouver, Canada. On 4 January, the company was set to import Spalite aromatherapy diffusers. After submitting all the importing documents to the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) and paid the duties, Body Face Shop was ready to pick up the goods.

When the trucker received the goods and delivered them to the warehouse of BodyFaceShop was not Spalite aromatherapy diffuser that the company bought. In fact there were 768 adult toys. It was disastrous situation as there are thousands of customers waiting to get the Spalite diffuser as a Christmas present.

Initially, Manager Tim considered it as a mistake of overseas producer who send the mistaken items to Canada. Tim was anxious that many customers will miss the opportunity to get their ideal present.

Tim, the operating manager, called the Canadian Custom warehouse and after 30 minutes of investigation, it was clear that they made a mistake. Reports suggest that the Canadian customs would be giving away 768 adult toys in near future. Confirmation related to the same is expected in near future.

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