Publishes New Guide to Easily Solving Common PC Performance Problems

Clear, simple, new guide offers powerful help to those who suffer with slow, unstable PCs, requires nothing in the way of technical ability or knowledge to benefit from, reports


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- published a new guide to easily and quickly boosting the performance of many personal computers, especially older machines that have slowed down over time. The new guide shows readers how to make use of the simple, effective Reimage software program to automatically fix the most common errors and performance-sapping problems, restoring PCs to like-new condition. The new guide at is one of the most accessible and useful available anywhere and is available free of charge to all visitors.

"There are few things more frustrating than a personal computer that locks up frequently or becomes sluggish and unresponsive," representative Steve Harris said, "Unfortunately, too many people suffer with such issues, being unaware of what to do or if relief is even to be found at all. Our brand new guide will show readers how to easily take care of most such issues in a matter of minutes."

At the heart of the various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system lies a sprawling, complex configuration file known as the system registry. After a fresh installation, this crucial component of the OS will contain tens of thousands of individual entries, known as keys, each of which controls some aspect of the system's behavior.

Over time, as new software is installed and the computer is used regularly, many more keys are added to the file. Eventually, the registry can grow to the point that accessing it becomes a slow, grinding process, dragging down overall system performance without any obvious reason. Symptoms like the sluggishness and lack of responsiveness that many Windows users become familiar with can often be traced back to this cause.

The new guide details in plain, easy-to-follow terms how readers can easily correct issues like this one and many others. It focuses on the reimage plus software package, an automated tool that can quickly scan computers and automatically fix many problems that are found.

Tools like this one are often used, in fact, by professional computer technicians for the same purposes. The new guide therefore shows readers how they can obtain the same degree and quality of relief, without needing to bring their personal computers in for expensive repair appointments.

Because the new guide will help readers with no special skills or previous experience take charge of and solve their computers' issues of this sort, editors feel that it will be of especially broad appeal. Instead of needing to pay for professional help or tolerate frustrating, worsening PC performance, readers of the new guide will learn how to quickly, automatically solve some of the most common PC problems of all.

Providing practical, actionable advice about how to address common PC problems and performance issues, empowers readers to make the most of their personal computers and the time they spend using them.