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McFarlane Asphalt Announces Availability for Driveway Repaving Services This Winter


Ramsey, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- With the drastic temperature changes that have been taking place, driveways and sidewalks are taking a beating. During the constant rain storms, minor cracks become filled with water. As the temperatures plummet throughout the night, the moisture can freeze and expand, which can cause the small opening to become a large pothole. Preventing further damage from happening, McFarlane Asphalt has announced they have availabilities for their driveway repaving services this winter.

If the fissures are caught before they penetrate the lower levels of the driveway, we will be able to simply repave the carport. However, if they have gone too deep, we will need to completely remove the old asphalt and install an entirely new surface to ensure its structural integrity. When McFarlane Asphalt, the premier asphalt contractors in Bergen County, NJ, arrives at the house, they will fill in sunken areas and prepare the surface to be repaved. A layer of tack-coat glue is applied to the surface before two inches of asphalt is paved. Upon completion and to avoid damage, it is recommended the driveway remain free of vehicles for three days.

If the damage is too extensive to be fixed by repaving it, the contractors can install a completely new surface. Clients have the option to have their new driveway made from asphalt or pavers. The company will remove the existing asphalt as necessary to prepare the base for the installation. After compacted stone is placed as a sturdy base, the asphalt or pavers are installed, and the driveway will be usable within five days.

Those in need of asphalt paving in Bergen County, NJ, can receive a free quote from McFarlane Asphalt by filling out the form on their website. To schedule an appointment with one of their expert contractors, call 201-345-3907 today.

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Founded in 1995, McFarlane Asphalt is a full-service maintenance and paving company servicing the Northern New Jersey area. Committed to their clients, the contractors utilize the highest quality of materials and hands-on craftsmanship to produce finishes that are on time and on budget. Offering their services for both residential and commercial customers, owner and operator David McFarlane attends annual seminars to stay current on the latest paving trends and techniques. Their knowledge, coupled with a professional approach taken to each and every job site, leaves clients in complete satisfaction.

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