Invisible Jim

Anti-Bullying Book Released for Public

The second book in the Lavender Lane series, Invisible Jim, illustrates the effects of bullying in a way children can easily understand. For parents and educators, the books of Lavender Lane show lessons of kindness and compassion.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- Bullying is the focus of many news reports, as bullying continues to be a serious issue for schools in America. A recent study released by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) found that 1 in 3 students say they were bullied at school.

However, bullying exists outside the school zone, happening right in the yards and playgrounds of communities. A new anti-bullying children's book for parents and educators by author Joyce May Miller has tackled this serious issue, with text and illustrations that communicate the damaging effects it has on individuals.

Invisible Jim is the second book in the Lavender Lane series, and features the story of a reclusive individual who's the focus of the town's gossip. That is, until a brave child makes his way to Invisible Jim's door and discovers he's not scary, mean, or unclean like any of the townspeople say.

Featuring illustrations by Melinda Patrick, Invisible Jim teaches children to consider other's feelings, and shows why it's important to care for others. The children learn why Jim favors his wide-brimmed hat to hide his face from everyone in town, and what exactly made him adopt this habit.

The result is an understanding and lesson for the children and Jim. Invisible Jim features gentle rhyming language and is an appropriate read for elementary aged children (but the message is a good read for all ages), especially for parents of children who were bullied.

Reports indicate that everyday nearly 160,000 students miss school days because they're being bullied or fearful of being bullied. Miller decided to write Lavender Lane to teach children lessons of compassion and kindness with stories that were easy to follow, yet packed wise lessons about the Golden Rule.

About Invisible Jim
Invisible Jim, along with the other books in the Lavender Lane series, is now available in paperback form from Parents and educators are invited to sign-up for a free 5-day exclusive email series at the website, plus contact the author for school visits where she can further discuss her anti-bullying message.

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