Sex Toys Instead of Aromatherapy Diffuser, New Year's Blunder from Canadian Custom

BodyFaceShop was well known for importing various new and exciting beauty products to Canada. Currently this company is creating a new aromatherapy diffuser. This is a great tool meant for creating a restful atmosphere in the home front with the help of essential oils. This aromatherapy diffuser can be the best friend of everyone who wants to get rid of their day to day stress and tension.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- BodyFaceShop recently imported Spalite aroma therapy diffusers to Canada. It has also sold more than five thousands of diffuser this year. This aroma diffuser was trending well in the market and became very popular as it is the most convenient way to get rid of stress. Due to the rush during the Christmas and New Year time they are now running out of stock. However, the problem got solved when the new shipment arrived on January 2 and was ready to be imported to Canada. The BodyFaceShop was about to receive the items on 4th January, when the disaster happened. They found a ship full of various sex toys instead of the Aroma therapy diffuser for which customers are waiting eagerly. They finished submitting all the necessary documents to the CBSA (Canadian Border Service agency) when this mishap happened. They were at their wits end as this incident meant a delay to serve the customers for some more days.

The truck man took delivery of the goods and took it to the warehouse where they found that the goods were not the aroma therapy diffusers that BodyFaceShop had purchased. The manager of the logistics department was shocked to see near about 768 sex toys instead of the aromatherapy diffuser. They were no doubt all dildo's indeed. This is indeed a great disaster as numerous customers are there who are waiting to get the aromatherapy diffuser from Spalite as their Christmas present. Their manager Tim thought that the overseas manufacturer has done some grave mistake and sent them the wrong items. He was also very worried as lots of customers will miss their opportunity to get their most awaited gift, to relax after the day's hard work and to keep stress away.

Many took this incident lightly and an employee Alex commented, "May be it was Santa Clause who made a joke and gave us adults toys instead of aroma diffusers. However, their manager Tim wasted no time and ringed back the Canadian Custom warehouse. After a long investigation of almost 30 minutes the later understood that it was indeed a mistake on their part. Tim's thought proved right. The truck was sent immediately by the Canadian Custom warehouse to take the wrong products back and replace them with the aroma diffusers that is the proper product.

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